Typically when people think of garages, they think of cars and storage space. With studio options for a detached garage, homeowners are free to be as creative as they want with the space. When purchasing garage plans, be sure to have an idea of how you want to use the space. Putting a studio in a detached garage is a great idea. It gives homeowners space to build their studio without it taking up room in the main house. Here are four types of studios that work well in a detached garage.

Garage Plans for an Art Studio

An art studio is perfect for a detached garage. Leave the floor as concrete so that it doesn’t matter if you get messy and drip paint. The space will be a nice, quiet spot for creating art. It will also be a great place to store all of your supplies including easels, paintbrushes, and paper.

Architect’s Studio

Architects need a studio space as opposed to just a standard home office. Studio options for a detached garage allow architects to have space for a large drawing table to lay out their plans and work. They can also use this space to store materials and paper plans.

Dance Studio

If you and your family enjoy dancing, turn the detached garage into a dance studio. Add mirrors and bars to make it more similar to a real dance studio. Dancing in the house is difficult, if not impossible. A detached garage gives you space to freely move without worrying about getting hurt or damaging something in the house.

Yoga Studio Garage Plans

A yoga studio is another creative option to install in your new detached garage. Belonging to a local yoga studio can be expensive and doing yoga in the house can be difficult. The garage can become your own personal, peaceful spot for yoga and meditation. Decorate however you want, keeping in mind a space that will help you relax. You can also use the garage to store your yoga items such as mats, blocks, and blankets. When purchasing garage plans, it is helpful to already have an idea about how you want to use the space. Remember, your idea does not have to be something conventional like parking cars or storing extra stuff. Transform your garage into a studio where you can practice something you love. Whether this is art, architecture, dance, or yoga, the detached garage is an empty slate and you can turn it into the studio of your dreams. Contact Behm Design today to learn more about which garage plans would work well with the creation of a studio.