Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a new garage?
Sorry, I don’t estimate costs. I can email you a free list of materials which you can take to a local materials supplier for a preliminary materials package cost
Is it okay to contact you by phone for questions I might have?
I have heard that buying plans from internet is risky – would I be wasting my money if I buy your plans?
The dimensions that are shown on the product page – are they for footprint or are roof overhangs included?
You offer a package of (4) sets of plans. Is it possible to save money and buy just (1) set?
Canadian and US building codes are not the same publication – can we use your plans in Canada?
Can I buy Behm Design garage plans through one of those broker type plans companies on the web?
Will Behm Design plans be suitable for our building permit application?
Are Behm Design plans wet-stamp certified?
I like one of your plans for my project – but this area requires that engineering – can you provide that?
Other plans companies have told me that all plans need to be certified by a state engineer wherever they will be used? Is this true?
Are garage plans from Behm Design guaranteed?
I’d like my plan customized a bit. Is that available with your plans?
Do your plans have a foundation plan and details?
I want to site-build the roof trusses like they used to do years ago. Do your garage plans show how to build the roof trusses on-site?