A detached garage is beneficial for many reasons. Along with adding value to your home, it also provides a lot of extra space. The question is, what to do with this extra space? One idea is to transform the garage into an exercise studio. This helps homeowners save money on a gym membership and become healthier by having workout options right next to their home! When you purchase garage plans, think about which design will best fit your new home gym. Here are 3 ways to create an exercise studio in a detached garage.

Pick Garage Plans with Room for Exercise Machine

The first thing to do in the detached garage exercise studio is to add exercise machines. These machines can be big and bulky and often won’t fit in the main home. The garage is a perfect spot for the machines. Invest in equipment such as a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, or rowing machine. If possible, purchase more than one type of machine for your home gym. This will allow you to mix up your workouts and avoid the boredom of having only one machine.

Invest in Weights

Weight lifting equipment is another important thing to have in a home exercise studio. This could be a set of dumbbells or weight machines. Weight lifting is an important part of any workout routine. With the garage exercise studio, you have it all! You get cardio from your machines and strength training with the weights.

Setup a Stretching/Yoga Area

Every workout should begin and end with a stretch. Set up a stretching/yoga area somewhere within the garage. This should include mats, stretching bands, and yoga blocks. This is also a great space to practice yoga and Pilates. It also provides a spot to do exercises such as ab workouts and pushups.

Picking garage plans that will allow for an exercise studio provides homeowners with many benefits. First, they can save on a gym membership. Second, they have everything they need for a good workout in the same room. They can easily maneuver from cardio to weight lifting to stretching. Create an even better home gym by adding a TV to watch while working out. A TV is also helpful for those who like to watch workout videos. In addition, install speakers to listen to music. Contact Behm Designs today for more information about detached garage plans and transforming your space into a home gym.