Improving your property offers many benefits. If you’re looking for great options to increase property value, designing and building a detached garage may be just the solution you need. These garages can bring you a return on your investment in several ways.

As a home or business owner, a detached garage can provide you with myriad benefits. There is no wrong answer to creating a garage and how you use it. Let’s dive deeper into how a detached garage can add value to your property below!

1. Increase Storage Space

Do you ever feel like there is never enough storage for everything? Maybe you have home full of things that just need a place to be stored. Or perhaps you have extra vehicles. From things like clutter and decor to vehicles and outside tools or toys, a detached garage provides a space for these items.

Garages can provide extra space so that you can organize and enjoy additional capacity. The great thing is that when you design garage plans, they can be catered to your needs. Just want something small like a single car? That’s absolutely doable. Maybe you want something large that can double as storage, parking, and a shop. That’s no problem, either!

Adding storage and organization to hide away extras makes your property more desirable from an aesthetic standpoint. The result? Improving the value.

2. Improve Property Value with Versatility

A detached garage can be incredibly versatile. We already mentioned the ability to craft varying sizes or needs, but the versatility goes beyond this, too. You can use your detached garage for pretty much anything you want or need.

Some people add garages for storage or parking. Others create a business or even an apartment with a garage beneath it. The options are pretty much endless. Here are a few ideas you might want to consider:

  • Business
  • Workshop
  • Home gym
  • Studio
  • Guest suite
  • Parking space
  • Home organization
  • Project space

It doesn’t matter what your goals are; you have the flexibility to use this garage however you like. And if you ever change your mind, you have the versatility to adapt to your needs.

How does this improve property value? Well, the fact that you are not forced to use this space for only one thing or use provides substantial benefit to you and any future owners of the property as well. The endless options and flexibility provide substantial value all their own.

3. Privacy and Noise Reduction

We all love to have privacy from the neighbors. In some areas, it feels like we can hear every single thing the neighbors say or do. This can be a nuisance for both sides. If you’re yelling at the kids, the whole neighborhood knows. When you’re working on a project, the noise might bother the neighbors.

Or maybe you don’t have a secluded space at all to cut wood for your renovation or work on that car that just isn’t running right. Not only does this detract from positive neighborhood vibes, but it’s also a nuisance. And you might even feel guilty for being disruptive.

When you add a detached garage, you provide yourself with privacy and the ability to do what you need to with less disruption to the neighborhood. You also provide your household with privacy and noise reduction. By having a separate place to work on projects or take care of business, you separate the noise, odors, and other details from your home.

4. Enhanced Curb Appeal

The most recognizable benefit of detached garages is enhanced curb appeal. When you improve your property in any way, it looks nice for anyone who passes the property. The detached garage may give you a hiding place for things that had nowhere to go.

However, the curb appeal also comes from a maintained and new building that adds more space, as well as the ability to hide things away from the visible eye. A detached garage brings character and charm to your property. It improves the visual aesthetic. If you ever decide to sell the property, it’s a detail potential buyers will appreciate.

Want to boost curb appeal even more? Landscape around the detached garage for a cohesive look.

5. Additional Income Potential

Some people choose to use their detached garages to earn extra income. You can use your detached garage for operating a business or even turning it into a rental space. Some detached garages are made into carriage houses or include an above-garage apartment.

Whether you operate a business or rent the space to others, you can generate supplemental income. That alone increases the value of this space and your entire property. It might even pay for itself.

Increased Resale Property Value

Finally, improving your property with a detached garage and increase your resale value. Whether you plan to sell in the near future or you just want to be prepared, this is a fantastic benefit. When a home has a detached garage, it can generally be listed and sold at a higher price. Buyers love garages and detached garages, so this makes it a great selling point.

You may have no plans to sell your home, but you simply never know where life will take you. Even without those intentions, it’s good to know that you are adding value just in case that day ever comes.

Plan Your Detached Garage with Behm Design

At Behm Design, we understand just how valuable your property is. With garage plans designed with simple, open space, you can improve your property value in many different ways. From additional storage space to supplemental income, detached garages provide value that simply cannot be matched. Enjoy the benefits as a homeowner, and know that your garage will impress the people around you. To use the structures for residential or even business activities please check with your local Zoning and Building departments. They can tell you if it is allowed for that and what they require.

Check out our garage plans today, and reach out with any questions!