A detached garage is the perfect addition to a property for many different types of families. The garage will give families extra space that is extremely flexible in how it can be used. For example, some families pick out garage plans with workshop space. Other families choose designs based on needing an extra bedroom. With a detached garage, the options are endless. Read on to learn about three types of families who need a detached garage.

Someone Who Needs a Garage with Workshop

Do you have someone that works from home in your family but no room for an at-home office? A detached garage is the answer. This space can be transformed into an at-home office. Furnish and decorate as you see fit. This quiet space is perfect for the at-home worker. If your job is a little more active, the garage can also be transformed into a workshop. Whether this is a workshop for woodworking, painting, or photography, having a designated space is a huge benefit of a detached garage.

Families Who Need an Extra Bedroom

Need an extra bedroom in the house? You should no longer worry about having to build an addition because a detached garage will do the trick. Choose a plan that has a room above the garage. This room can be transformed into a bedroom or guestroom. This is perfect for families who have a college kid home for the summer or an extended out of town visitor.

Families with Numerous Cars

Families with a lot of cars also benefit from a detached garage. You will no longer worry about parking your cars in the driveway or on the streets. Park them, protected from the outside elements, in a new detached garage. At Behm Garage we have plans that fit up to four cars. This large garage is perfect for the car collector or a family that has a lot of driving children. Families in search of extra space should consider getting a this type of garage. Not only will it add to the value of your property, but it will give your family extra space to enjoy. Purchase garage plans with workshop, home office, bedroom, or car space. Browse through Behm Design’s plans and pick something that works for your family and property. Get excited about gaining extra space without having to do an extensive, expensive addition to your home! Contact Behm Design today for more information about purchasing garage plans.