The biggest benefit of purchasing garage plans with a second story is the endless amount of options homeowners have in using the second floor. The space allows homeowners to be creative and use the second story in a way that is beneficial for them. A great way to use the second floor is to transform it into an apartment. This apartment could be used by a family member or even potentially rented out to create a stream of extra income. Here are some things to add to the second story garage to transform it into an apartment.

2nd Story Garage Plans with Carpet

Adding carpet to a space is a great way to give it a homey feel. Pick a carpet color and get started with installation. Some homeowners may be able to install the carpet themselves while others will need to hire a professional service. The carpet will instantly help the second story feel more like a home.


The second thing to add to the second story garage is a kitchen area. A place always feels more homey when you can actually make a home-cooked meal. Since the space is limited, adding a kitchenette is the way to go. This includes smaller appliances such as a minifridge and a small cooktop. It should have enough in it for people to cook but not as much as a full-blown kitchen. Adding a kitchen to the second story garage will help homeowners be able to easily rent this space.


Lastly, an above the garage apartment needs a bathroom. It can be quite the project to install plumbing in your second story garage. Those who are handy can work to renovate the space themselves but just like with the carpet, a professional can be called in as well.

Purchasing a detached garage is an investment that will pay off! The second story garage plans by Behm Design allow homeowners to use the space as an apartment. Advertise the space on Craigslist and Zillow and you will have it rented in no time! It’s the perfect apartment for one person. They will appreciate the cheaper rent while you will appreciate making money off of your new detached garage. You will not regret starting a room renovation above the garage. The newly acquired rental income will help you pay off garage purchase expenses in no time! Contact Behm Design for more information about how to transform a second story garage into an apartment.