When considering what the most important room in the house is, you would probably say the kitchen or the bedrooms. You would never acknowledge the garage as a room let alone the most important room in your house. When thinking about your garage, you may only think about it as a place for housing your cars and maybe some other items that you don’t have room for in the house. Even if you do not consider your garage a room, you should never build a garage without insulation. You may not think that insulation in your garage has that many benefits, but you would be surprised at how a garage without insulation can cost more. An insulated garage has many benefits.

Saves Energy

When considering how to save energy in your home, you typically focus on windows and exterior doors. The garage never seems to be too big of a concern. However, a garage with insulation can save you energy. Many garages have at least one wall attached to an interior room wall and a door that leads into the house. When building a home, contractors and inspectors typically don’t consider the garage a room. As a result, it usually contains more air leaks and gaps because the construction standards are slightly different. These gaps and air leaks make your garage one of the least energy efficient parts of your home. When choosing to insulate your garage, you are helping to save energy. Insulation in the garage helps moderate the temperature in the garage which reduces the amount of energy required to heat the rest of your home.

Protects Your Car and Belongings

If you live in a place where cold weather is an ordinary event, then an insulated garage is a good idea. When you insulate your garage, you are protecting what is inside of it from the cold winter days. Since cold weather can have a significant impact on your car and the lifespan, it is important to have an insulated garage.

More Convenient

Many people use their garage for more than just storing their cars. For example, some people use it as a home gym or a place to do their woodworking. In the winter months, it is more convenient for you to do these types of activities if your garage is insulated. A warm garage also makes it easier and more bearable when you are taking groceries in from your car.

Reduce Noise

Like stated above many people use their garage for various activities. Some of those activities may cause a lot of noise and be bothersome to your neighbors. When living in a neighborhood, the last thing you want are neighbors who complain about all the noise coming from your house. When you insulate your garage, you’re creating an extra barrier. While it does not completely block out all the noise, it makes it a lot quieter.

Call the Pros

When you are considering building a new garage, you should consider insulatingit. To get helpful garage and insulation information call Behm Design. We design high-quality garages that could help reduce your energy bill by insulating.