Purchasing garage plans and building a detached garage on your property is exciting. It is important to understand the local building code in your area before beginning construction. Additionally, it is necessary to contact your local planning department to learn about the permit process. Read on for more information about building code and how it relates to your new garage.

Contacting the Building Department about Garage Plans

The first step in the garage planning process is contacting your local planning department. The planning department will inform you about any requirements or restrictions that relate to the garage. Usually, the department will request to see a site plan that shows the proposed plans for improvement and where it will be located on the property before they issue a permit. Sometimes they will only ask for a fee and project statement. Once the department has the plan, they will review it to make sure it adheres to local building codes.

Special Building Code Circumstances

Occasionally, the building department will require plans to be stamped by a state-licensed architect or engineer. This occurs when the location experiences extreme weather like high winds or earthquakes. Behm Design garage plans comply with the International Residential Code (IRC). Florida, Nevada, or California have their own building codes. If you live in one of those states, a professional will need to revise the plans to comply with code.

Normal Range Design Parameters for Garage Plans

Behm Design garage plans comply with IRC.  They use normal range design parameters. All the plans use the prescriptive approach. Most of the plans are designed to withstand 115 mph winds. Also, a flat building site condition is assumed and the frame is conventional with 2×4 light wood framed construction with rafters or manufactured trusses. The soil bearing capacity is a minimum of 1500 #/sf and the snow load specification is 30 lbs/sf. In addition, most of the plans are designed for seismic risk category “C.”

The first step to building a new garage is contacting the local planning department. They will review your plans to make sure they are code compliant. Then they will issue a permit to build. For more information about building code and garage plans, contact Behm Design today.