A garage with unpainted walls can be unwelcoming to guests who enter in through your garage. When you paint a garage, you make an ugly and unwelcoming space look fresh and new. While painting the garage is an easy task, you should know these tips on the most efficient way to paint a garage.

Clean the Walls

Before you paint a garage, you want to be sure to clean down all of the walls. The walls of your garage are dirtier due to exposure to outdoor elements and car oil and grease. If you do not clean the walls first, the oil and grease stains can bleed through the paint. The best way to clean your garage walls is with a shop vac or an upholstery brush attachment. After, vacuuming your walls, you should wipe down the walls with dish soap and a rag. Do not use any abrasive chemicals or pressure washing as both can damage the walls.

Priming the Walls

When it comes to painting any wall, the question is whether to prime or not. When painting interior walls, they depend on primer, especially if you are going from dark to light or vice versa. However, when painting your garage walls, it all depends on the surface.


If you paint a garage with new drywall, you should apply PVA primer first. Applying PVA primer seals the surface of new drywall for durability and paint finish. Paint applied directly to drywall will soak in too quickly and leave a poor finish. Primer allows the paint to dry evenly and leave a good finish.

Oil-Based Paint

If you paint a garage that has oil-based paint, the surface will need to be sanded and primed. Trying to apply latex paint over oil-based paint will result in paint failure. When you sand the surface, it dulls the surface, so that the primer and paint stick well.

Picking the Right Paint

When you paint a garage, you want to ensure that it looks good. A big part of having your painted wall look good, is choosing the correct paint. You should paint your garage with satin, matte, eggshell, or semi-gloss interior paint. Exterior paint should not be used in your garage as it can give off a toxic gas, which can cause respiratory issues.


The easiest and fasted way to paint a garage is with an airless sprayer. Before spraying, you will want to cover everything in your garage. After covering everything, you will spray all the walls and then roll them with a 9-inch roller. For the best results, you should apply at least two coats of paint.

Have your Whole Garage Looking Like New

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your garage is a great idea. Sometimes you want to build a whole new garage though. If you fall into this category, call Behm Design today at 1-800-210-6776. We have different designs you can choose from depending on your garage needs. After you build your new garage with our plans, you can add the finishing touches like paint to spruce it up.