Garage storage space is always at a premium. You could clean out your garage tomorrow, and a month later you’d be searching for a place to put things. Building garage storage space when you renovate or build a new garage is key. Lean on racks and cabinets, but mostly: be honest with yourself about what you want. We offer a substantial collection of plans for building Storage Garages.

Design the Ceiling with Racks in Mind

Ceiling racks are a great way to add vertical space to your garage. If you can’t build out and add more space to your garage, you may be able to add a few inches to the top. As a result, you end up with more room for your garage door to roll up–and more place to store some boxes or crates while leaving clearance for your car.

Even if you don’t want to fill your entire garage ceiling with boxes, you can still put ceiling racks along the edges. This area is the most stable part of your garage. Ceiling racks allow you to hang your boxes or crates and avoid stacking. Stacking puts a lot of pressure on the bottom of the pile. Ceiling racks help preserve your possessions better.

Cabinets are a Must

Cabinets are a great storage resource that you should include if you’re building or remodeling your garage. They serve a particular purpose in garage storage space. They put a limit on what you can keep around and keep the place tidy. You can’t just shove things into your garage. You have to consider what you’re going to store and plan accordingly. Don’t just cram everything into your cabinets so you can’t even open a door without the whole pile spilling out. Instead, embrace neatness. Plan your storage needs to match what you have.

Cabinets are also a great way to organize your items. When you can see everything, you know that everything has a place. Garage cabinets provide more usable storage space than tubs. It’s hard to access something on the bottom of a stack of containers. Alternatively, cabinets store things, allowing you to access them quickly.

Decide What You Really Want from the Space

What purpose do you want your garage to serve? If you ‘re going to park your care inside, and that’s your primary goal, your garage should reflect that. You want to utilize the space in your garage differently than you would if you really want a workshop space. If you know that the space in your garage is going to be packed with your car and tools, building your storage solutions has to be essential.

When you know what you want from your space, you can build the garage storage space that works for you. Remember that cabinets are the best way to store things you need to use. If you don’t need it today, get ceiling racks and put it up and away.