Did you know that heavy-duty garage plans are not available from other companies? These special plans provided by Behm Design are greater than regular garage structures. A variety of construction features make these garages stronger than others. Read on for what makes a heavy-duty garage different and three ways you can use these types of plans.

What Makes Heavy-Duty Garage Plans Special?

These garages have a 2×6 stud wall framing at 16 inches on center. They also have a framed wall height of 10 feet. There is an optional, thicker 6-inch concrete floor slab with an additional option to add a rebar for greater weight capacity. The perimeter concrete foundation/slab options feature #4 bar reinforcing. In addition, the garage has oversized garage doors and a snow-load capacity of up to 70 pounds per square foot.

Garage Plans Give Space to Store Large Equipment

A heavy-duty garage is the perfect place to store large, heavy equipment. Since the garage doors are larger than usual, these vehicles can be easily driven into the garage. This is perfect for homeowners who live on farms and have large equipment that they need to store in their garage.

Have a More Insulated, Weather-Protected Space

Homeowners who live in areas with intense weather can also benefit from an insulated weather-protected space. These garages are more heavily insulated so they can keep the garage cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. The roof is also able to handle 70 pounds of snow per square foot so it is perfect for homeowners who live in an area that gets a lot of snow. The added snow-load capacity allows homeowners to rest assured that the roof of their new garage will not collapse.

Space for Heavy Storage Racks

The heavy-duty garage also allows homeowners the freedom to store heavy storage racks. Attaching shelves to garage walls is a great way to add storage space to the garage. With a regular garage, homeowners may not store much on the shelves for fear they will become too heavy and pull out of the wall. With the heavy-duty garages, the walls have a more sturdy frame.

Behm Design has a collection of eight heavy-duty garage plans. These garages come in various sizes, and are designed to be sturdier and more forgiving than standard garages. With larger doors, stronger walls, and the ability to handle a larger snow-load capacity, these garages are perfect for homeowners with large equipment, who live in areas with extreme weather, or who need to store heavy shelves on the walls. For more information about the heavy-duty garage plans, contact Behm Design today.