Without a doubt, the global pandemic has changed the way we define “home.” What used to be a nice place to retreat from work, school, and play has now become the space for every single activity required of us. We have to work from home, eat from home, entertain ourselves at home. And let’s be honest: sometimes, there isn’t enough space. If you are feeling cramped in this time of isolation, you aren’t alone. Behm Design’s jumbo detached garage plans are a great way to find more space in your home—without ever leaving it. Because a garage doesn’t have to be solely a garage—with a jumbo detached garage, the possibilities are endless. 

Garage Plans Created By Experts

A leading provider of ready-to-use garage plans, founder Jay Behm has more than 25 years of design and drafting experience. With expertise in architectural history, building construction, and building codes, these garage plans are comprehensive and exceptional. Whatever you’re dreaming of using your new garage for, you’ll be starting off the project with professional and accurate methods.

Home Office Workspace

If there’s one thing the global pandemic has revealed, it’s a deep need for intentional workspace. We’ve all been on enough Zoom calls to know how difficult it is to get good work done. With other family members inches away and the temptation of household chores, we deserve a space that encourages focused work free from distractions (like that last load of laundry!). If you can’t get to the office, why not make the office come to you?

A jumbo detached garage provides the privacy and separation you’ve been missing. With a jumbo detached garage, you can still get that “heading to the office” motivation without actually leaving your yard.

Stay Healthy at Home

With many local gyms and exercise communities closed due to COVID-19, it’s time to get creative to find ways to stay healthy. Research shows that moving your body in some way every day is integral to a healthy, productive mind. However, it can be easy to lose motivation, especially when you don’t have enough space in your home for the right equipment.

With a Behm Design jumbo detached garage plan, you can build the workout space of your dreams. Whether it’s a bright and spacious yoga studio or an invigorating area packed with free weights and cardio equipment, a detached garage is a perfect solution to staying fit. Unlike in standard gym settings, you can customize and personalize your space to work for your unique workout preferences. Easily install padded flooring, floor-length mirrors, or a television. You could even fulfill a lifelong dream and create a personal indoor basketball court!

Relax in a Media Center

Lights! Camera! Action! We all love a good movie marathon or series binge. With a jumbo detached garage, you can bring the comfort and luxury of a movie theatre right to your home. Thrift some comfortable lounge chairs and install a projector for big-screen viewing. With enough seating, you could host movie nights for the whole neighborhood!

And for your sports-loving spouse, a jumbo detached garage is the perfect escape for a Saturday of back-to-back games. Spread out game-day treats, invite your friends, and settle in—you won’t have to worry about interruptions when you’ve got a unique media space like this.

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Discover Your New Hobby with Jumbo Garage Plans

Another appealing idea is to use a jumbo detached garage plan for something more traditional: a spacious workshop for one of your many hobbies. With oversized garage doors and 12-foot walls, a jumbo garage can house all sizes of vehicles—even your largest pickup. You’ll have plenty of room to store tools and equipment, as well as use a standard-size automotive lift if desired.

Similarly, if you’re more of a craftsman, a jumbo detached garage provides endless possibilities for exploring your hobby. More and more people have begun to explore new activities they did not previously have time for since the pandemic started. Whether your garage becomes a studio for your blossoming artist or a toolshed for your handyman, it’s essential to create a space all your own. Install shelves and storage for easy access to your favorite equipment

Whatever You Need: Create a Bonus Room With Our Garage Plans

We could all use more space, even if it doesn’t have an assigned purpose. Turning your jumbo detached garage into a bonus room—for your spouse, for your children, or for you—is a great way to obtain more floor area. Do you enjoy hosting small gatherings? Create a cozy lounge, complete with an extra-long dining table to welcome and entertain your guests. Are your kids still remote learning? Divide the space into part-classroom, part-playroom, giving them ownership over a room of their own. 

Fashioning your detached garage as a bonus room also provides you with an amount of flexibility. Should your plans or needs change, it will be easy to pivot and use the space however you imagine without a lot of labor. 

Behm Design Garage Plans

When you purchase a Behm Design jumbo detached garage plan, you’ll receive a detailed resource to get started on your project. We’ve created these plans with you in mind: we designed them for easy building permit application, project cost estimating, and construction. The materials used are conventional and easy to obtain and intended for industry-standard assemblies. The overwhelming task of designing and constructing a detached garage is now easy to begin. 

And because we know every project is unique, our plans can be self-modifiable to an extent (and if they aren’t able to achieve your vision, you can return them for a full refund within the first two months).

Behm Design is here to help you create the space you need. Behm Design’s jumbo detached garage plans equip you with what you need to get started making your dreams a reality—because you’ll finally have space to do it.