Are you thinking of adding a garage to your property? Why settle for just any garage when you can go jumbo? Welcome to the world of jumbo garages! These spacious additions offer more than just extra room. The possibilities are endless, from housing your car repair shop to creating the ultimate game room. Plus, customization is a breeze with Behm Design’s variety of jumbo garage plans.

So why should you consider this larger-than-life option? Let’s dive in and discover the key benefits that a jumbo garage can offer you.

Why Choose a Jumbo Garage?

If you’re considering enhancing your home, a jumbo garage brings significant advantages. First, the benefits of the extra space can’t be overstated. Whether you have multiple cars, a boat, or just a lot of stuff, a jumbo garage offers you room to keep everything safe and organized.

But it’s not just about storage. A jumbo garage from Behm Design also provides the flexibility to use the space in a variety of ways. Maybe you’re a car enthusiast who would love room for an auto lift. Or perhaps you’re looking to create a home gym and need space for your exercise equipment. With a jumbo garage, your options widen considerably, making it a smart choice for homeowners looking to get the most out of their property.

More Space, More Opportunities

When it comes to investing in a jumbo garage, the primary advantage is the ample space it affords. This isn’t just square footage for the sake of it; it’s a functional room that can radically enhance your property’s utility. For homeowners, the space serves dual purposes. On one hand, it provides ample parking for multiple vehicles, allowing you to protect your investments from the elements. On the other, it opens up a wealth of storage options, freeing up space within your home and eliminating the need for costly external storage units.

But the benefits don’t end there. A jumbo garage is a multipurpose facility presenting many opportunities for personal or business use. You could set up a dedicated woodworking or crafting area with all the necessary tools and storage solutions. If fitness is a priority, imagine installing a state-of-the-art home gym, complete with cardio machines, weights, and even a small sauna.

Entrepreneurs will greatly appreciate the additional space, which can easily be converted into a compact business hub. Whether it’s an automotive repair shop or an e-commerce fulfillment center, the privacy and separation from your primary residence make it an ideal workspace, promoting an improved work-life balance.

And let’s not forget that the more functions your jumbo garage serves, the higher your potential return on investment. Whether you’re improving your quality of life or setting the stage for a profitable venture, Behm Design’s range of garage plans ensures you’ll find a layout optimized for your needs.

Jumbo Garage Designs from Behm Design

When it comes to high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing garage plans, Behm Design stands out as a leader in the industry. Our designs don’t just offer ample space; they provide smart, efficient layouts that maximize your garage’s potential. Crafted with 12-foot walls and oversized garage doors, these plans are tailored to accommodate cars and larger vehicles like RVs and boats.

What sets Behm Design apart is our flexibility and variety. We offer an impressive range of garage plans, from the 1200-J1 40 x 30 model for three cars to the expansive 2040-J1 60 x 34 layout for four vehicles or more. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking additional storage or an entrepreneur needing a sizable workspace, our plans offer a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Moreover, our plans are developed with building codes and regulations in mind, minimizing potential roadblocks during the construction phase. Before you settle on a design, consult with your local planning department and HOA for any specific requirements. That way, you can confidently choose a Behm Design plan that you know aligns with your aspirations and local regulations.

Increase Your Property Value

Investing in a jumbo garage is about more than just meeting your immediate space needs. It’s a strategic decision that can significantly boost the value of your property. In the current real estate market, a spacious and versatile garage is an appealing feature for potential buyers.

In addition to the added square footage, the specialized features in your jumbo garage can further increase its value. Consider installing climate control features like mini-split air conditioning or heated floors. These upgrades make the garage a comfortable space to use all year. When you decide to sell, these features can also serve as strong selling points that enhance your property’s marketability.

To make the most of your investment, consult with local real estate experts and appraisers. This step will help you understand how much value a jumbo garage could add to your property. With this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to make informed choices throughout the design and building process.

Contact Behm Design for Your Jumbo Garage Plans

As we’ve explored, the benefits of investing in a jumbo garage are multifold. From unparalleled storage opportunities and the freedom to explore new hobbies or business ventures to increasing the long-term value of your property, going ‘jumbo’ is a strategic move. The versatility of Behm Design’s extensive jumbo garage plans ensures that you can tailor your new space precisely to your needs and aspirations.

Ready to take the next step? Don’t leave your property’s potential untapped. Contact Behm Design today to explore a range of jumbo garage plans to transform your property into a more functional, valuable, and enjoyable space. Elevate your lifestyle and make a wise investment for the future with a Behm Design jumbo garage.