When you own a small lot, finding the right garage plan can be difficult. You want to maximize the use of your lot space and you need to consider what type of storage you will need. Finally, you will want to construct a high quality garage you can be proud of for an affordable price. However, trying to check off all of those boxes when you have a smaller lot space can seem nearly impossible. 

As challenging as it seems, though, it’s not that hard to find an innovative garage plan that will work for you with the help of Behm Design. We offer garage plans tailored to many needs, from single-stall compact designs perfect for small lots or where space is limited.  Behm Design offers a wide range of building sizes and types in many styles and functions.

You Have to Start Somewhere

When looking for a detached garage option suitable for your small lot space, you have to start somewhere in your search. One great way to begin your search is with a realistic range of building cost. Speaking with builders early on will be a chance to learn about costs relative to size, type and style preferences. Behm Design offers free materials list for every plan, before you buy a plan. Your builder can usually work up a “ball park” cost range so you have information to plan your project budget. The only true and accurate cost can only happen when a builder presents a bid for the construction to you.

As a result, this will give you an idea of which  plans fit your needs. Behm Design offers budget-friendly garage plans for everyone’s needs. Now it is easier than ever to find a detached garage design that is within your budget and meets or exceeds your  goals.

Basic Garage Plans with Behm Design

One of the best places to begin your search when you have limited lot space is with one of our basic garage plans. These designs are meant to serve primarily as a vehicle storage space. Features not included in these designs are things like loft spaces, attics, shop space, second stories, or lawn care storage, making it easy to find a structure that will house your vehicle safely all year. At Behm Design, our Basic Garage Plans category offers over 90 plans in a variety of scales and sizes. 

Compact Garage Plans from Behm Design

If a basic garage plan doesn’t sound like what you are seeking, perhaps one of our functional compact garages would fit your needs. Designed to work in limited spaces, these garages are cozy, functional, and will bring you what you need in less space. If you live in an older neighborhood with a smaller lot, a compact garage design is perfect for your home. Our compact garages offer the smallest dimensions for garages we currently offer at Behm Design. These plans make it easy to find what you need in a functional addition to your property today, with a variety options to choose from!

Compact garage designs for small lot spaces.

Photo by Kevin Wolf on Unsplash

Choose From 1-Car Garage Plans For Smaller Lots

If you live on a small lot, a one-car garage design may be perfect for your needs. We offer over 90 plans featuring 1-car garage layouts. Our 1-car garages range from compact to more extensive options to work with varying lot sizes. The best part is, you are never limited to one aesthetic or design style with Behm. We offer so many plans that it might take you some time to choose the exact fit for your home.  One-car garages are wonderful for most families operating on one vehicle, living in older homes, needing a garage replacement or re-planning your lot for its best use. 

Make Your Garage Dreams Come True with Behm 

If you are ready to make your garage dreams come true for your small lot, then find out what Behm Design has to offer you today! We make it simple to find your future garage without the hassle, stress, and time-consuming commitments of other garage plan companies. In fact, at Behm Design, you can count on us to always work with you in a quick, straightforward process to find your dream garage.


Learn More with Behm Design

Behm Design has been providing individuals with the right garage plans for their needs since the 1990s. Our founder, Jay Behm, has over 25 years of design experience under his belt. We are IRC building code friendly with every garage plan we create. You can always count on our high-quality garage plans for your garage needs. Give us a call at 1-800-210-6776 today if you have some questions.