There are so many options to choose from when it comes to finding the right garage style for you. It can be overwhelming at first. However, finding the perfect garage plans for your needs can also be enjoyable, fun, and affordable with the right garage company by your side. Behm Design offers garage many kinds of  plans that can meet your requirements, with everything from basic  garages to  elegant designer garages so you can bring great improvement to your property.  Find yours today by visiting our website and learning more about what the possibilities are for building a great, new garage.

Setting Your Budget for Garage Plans

An excellent way to start finding a suitable garage for your needs for an affordable price is to set a budget.  The best way to begin understanding construction costs is to talk to builders and/or contractors. They can advise you of how costs can vary due to size, style, number of stories, structure types and style variations. 

The next major step is evaluating what you will need in your new garage. The best way is to inventory what you would store in your garage and how much area or volume of space is required for that. This can also include how many doors you need, how much extra space you need for circulation and any other specific needs for the garage.


Find Your Personal Design Aesthetics

Finding out what you prefer in design elements and overall aesthetics makes it even easier to choose the perfect garage plans for your needs. As a homeowner, you might already have a solid idea of what you are looking for. Design elements to consider can include the type of siding you want on your garage, the number of garage doors and their exterior appearance, coloring, and outdoor lighting elements. Remember that your garage should compliment your home’s current appearance and there is always room to explore new design elements.

Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash


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Behm Design has provided customers with  garage plans for their needs since the 1990s. With our plans you can  obtain the building permits, estimate project costs, and build your dream garage.  Our founder, Jay Behm, has over 25 years of design and drafting. You can always count on our high-quality garage plans for building your new garage. Give us a call at 1-800-210-6776 today if you have questions about building your new garage.