Jumbo sized garages are the perfect garage plans for homeowners who need a lot of extra space. They have 12’ high framed walls, over-sized garage doors, and a large floor area. The jumbo garages can be used for a variety of different purposes. Here are some benefits to building a jumbo sized garage.

Store an Automotive Lift

If you are someone who enjoys working on cars, you can choose garage plans that are large enough to hold an automotive lift. If you have the capability and space, this will save you a lot of money in the long run by not always having to take your car to a mechanic. You could even work on the cars of family and friends.

Garage Plans with Room for Multiple Cars

The jumbo garage plans include plans for 3 and 4 car garages. If you are someone who owns a lot of cars then the jumbo sized garage is the one for you. This is especially helpful if there are teen drivers in the house with their own cars or if you are someone who enjoys collecting cars. Enjoy having extra space for your cars instead of having to park them outside on the street.

Garage Plans that Fit Large Vehicles

Another benefit of the jumbo sized garage is that it can accommodate large vehicles. This includes larger trucks and RVs. Instead of having to park your RV offsite, it is extremely efficient to have a garage on property that is large enough to hold the RV.

Room for Workshop or Extra Storage

Last but not least, the jumbo garage can be converted into a workshop or extra storage space. It is perfect for people who need space for a wood shop, art studio, or photography studio. It also provides a lot of extra storage space. This is beneficial for homeowners who do not have a basement and are seeking out extra storage space. The jumbo garage does not have to be used for cars, but can be used to add extra space to the property that is not built into the home. Jumbo garage plans are as big as they get. A jumbo garage is designed for the homeowner who needs that extra space. Whether they need the space for an automotive lift, multiple cars, larger vehicles, or a workshop/storage space, the jumbo garage provides the width and height to accommodate these needs. For more information about jumbo sized garage plans, contact Behm Design today.