A detached garage can be used for so much more than storage and parking cars. It can become the room that you’ve always wanted in your house but never had. One popular choice is to turn the garage into a man cave. According to Wikipedia, a “man cave” is a male retreat or sanctuary in a home. We see it in pop culture as a place where men can gather to watch sports, have drinks, and eat snacks. In reality, this space can be used by both men and women, and it the perfect place to gather and hang out! It is also an excellent place to entertain guests. The first step is purchasing garage plans to give you the architectural design for your new space. Once the designs are implemented and the garage is built, it’s time to think about how to outfit and decorate your new space!

Garage Plans Including Heat, AC, and Electricity

Ready to build a a detached garage on your property? Invest in garage plans and then get building your dream man cave.

The first step to making your man cave an enjoyable spot to relax is getting the garage hooked up with heat, AC, and electricity. As far as electricity goes, your contractor will be able to help you run electrical wiring to your garage. By adding electricity to the garage, you can automatically open and close the garage doors and also add things like lights, a fridge, and a TV to your new space.

When it comes to heat and AC, you have a few different options. HGTV explains the pros and cons of various heating and cooling units. A combined unit, such as a ductless mini-split system, will provide heat and AC from the same unit. Another option is a window unit. These units are easy to install and provide both heat and AC. Portable units are another option. The downside to a portable unit is that they either provide heat or AC, not both. Homeowners who go this route have to invest in a portable air conditioner and an electric space heater. Getting AC and heat for your garage is a good way to ensure that it is usable all year long. After all, who wants to watch the Superbowl in an unheated garage?

Big-Screen TV

The ultimate man cave should have a big-screen TV equipped with all your favorite channels. Whether you are watching sporting events or movies, a TV is a great addition to a detached garage. Mount a TV on the wall or save space by investing in a projector. Invite friends over to watch your favorite team play. They will love having a dedicated space to relax, hang out, and watch the game.

Comfortable Couch

A good man cave always has comfortable couches and chairs. Make sure you have enough seating for everyone to relax. Also, go for sofas with easy-to-clean fabric. That way, if a beer or snack gets spilled, it’s not the end of the world. Save money on furniture by repurposing items in your main house that you don’t need anymore. Also, look for deals on Facebook Marketplace or at garage sales to find used furniture.

Garage Plans – Add a Bar!

Mix a drink, sprawl out on your comfortable couch, and turn on the game. What happens when you need a refill on your drink? Instead of having to walk all the way back to your house, what if you could have a bar inside your detached garage? Equip the bar with all of your favorite drinks and mixers. That way, whenever someone wants a drink, it’s just an arm’s length away.


A fridge is a must-have item for a man cave. In the man cave refrigerator, you can store your favorite drinks and snacks. Quickly grab a cold beer and some chips and salsa before the game begins. You can even store dinner leftovers in this fridge so that they are ready to go for a game-time lunch the following day!

Favorite Team Gear

Turn your man cave into a sports den by decorating it with gear from your favorite team. Hang banners, pennants, jerseys, and posters up on the walls. Invest in colored lights to match your team’s colors. See how many unique décor and trinket items you can find that represent your favorite team. You can even name your cave after your favorite team! For example, you could call it the Chicago Cubs Cave or the Miami Dolphins Den.


Last but not least, put some games in your man cave so that there is always something fun for guests to do. These could be big games like a pool table or a ping pong table. You could also invest in a few simple board games. Cards Against Humanity is a great group game. A good set of games will keep visitors occupied and entertained before or after watching a sporting event!

If you have always wanted a man cave but don’t have the space, a detached garage is your answer. A detached garage gives you an area separate from the house where you can relax with friends while watching your favorite sporting events. Remember, even though it’s called a “man” cave, this hangout spot is for everyone! The space is perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon of watching football with the family, or for something bigger like a Superbowl party. Invest in a heating and cooling system so that you and your guests are comfortable in the garage all year long. Also, invest in anything that will make your man cave more inviting, such as a bar, fridge, big-screen TV, and comfortable furniture. If you are ready to build your man cave ASAP, take some time to look over the garage plans provided by Behm Design. We offer a variety of plans in a wide range of styles and sizes. For more information about garage plans and creating your dream space, contact Behm Design today.