Do you find yourself constantly needing more space? Whether you need a spot to work out or an area for your kids to do arts and crafts, sometimes the house just isn’t big enough. A detached garage is the answer to your problems. A separate garage structure can be used for many different things. Let your mind be as creative as possible when planning how you will use your detached garage. A detached garage is especially helpful during the summer months. If you already have a detached garage, great! Get planning for how you are going to use the space this summer. If you don’t have one yet, start researching garage plans to find out what type of garage is best for your lot and your needs.

Detached Garage Home Gym

Many fitness enthusiasts love to work out in the great outdoors! Whether it’s running, walking, cycling, or doing pushups out on the driveway, exercising outside is fun. During the summer, though, it can get so hot that people avoid exercising outdoors. Instead of buying an expensive gym membership, transform your detached garage into a home gym. Invest in a mini-split AC/heat unit to keep the space cool. The mini-split can also be used to heat the garage in the winter so that you can use the space all year long. Put down floormats to make the space more comfortable. The rest is all up to you! Think about what exercises you like to do and go from there. Here are some ideas of items to put in your new home gym:

  • Treadmill
  • Yoga mats
  • Bike
  • Rowing machine
  • Weights
  • Exercise balls
  • Resistance bands
  • Mirrors
  • Towels
  • Go all out and install a bathroom with a shower for the whole gym experience!

A Place to Cool Off

How many times have you sat out on your driveway in the summer, enjoying a BBQ or just watching your kids play in the yard? Sitting outside in the summer is a lot of fun, but let’s face it – by the end of the day, you are most likely very hot and sweaty! With a detached garage, throw open the doors and pull your chair inside! You can still enjoy watching your kids play or eat food from your cookout, but in the cool space of your garage. As mentioned above, installing a mini-split unit in the garage will provide AC all summer long. Another idea is to put a fridge/freezer inside the garage so that you have easy access to cold drinks, popsicles, and ice cream while you enjoy your time outside.

Fun Space for Kids

School’s out! Are you looking for a way to keep your kids entertained this summer? When it comes to kids having fun, many activities are messy and take up space. A detached garage is a perfect solution. Whether your kids enjoy painting, dancing, woodworking, photography, or making movies, the garage gives them a space to spread out and be messy! It also keeps your main home cleaner and less cluttered. Your kids will love having their own space where they are free to enjoy their summer hobbies and activities.  

Retreat for Out-of-Town Guests

Summer is the perfect time to travel. If you typically have a lot of friends and family visit you in the summer, invest in a detached garage with a second-floor apartment. The garage can be used for whatever you want, and the apartment is the perfect guest suite for out-of-town visitors. The apartment gives your guest a private space separate from your main home. Outfit the apartment with a small kitchen, bathroom, and plenty of room to relax so that guests have everything they need. In between visitors, you can even use the apartment to make some extra money! List your apartment on Airbnb or VRBO, especially if you live in an area that attracts lots of tourists during the summer. The space is also perfect for older children coming home from college who are used to living in their own space.

Extra Storage in the Detached Garage

Have you always wanted a boat, jet ski, stand-up paddleboard, etc. but not had the room to store it? With a detached garage, you can store anything summer-related! At Behm Design, we offer garage plans in various sizes – some large enough to fit large boats and other fun summer items! A detached garage is perfect for a lake house or beach house where homeowners are likely to own these extra beach accessories. Before choosing your garage plan, think about everything you will be storing in the garage. Also, size up because you never know what other fun items you will add to your collection in the future!

Summer is here! If you already have a detached garage, try out some of the ideas above to see how you can use it over the summer. If you are looking to add a detached garage to your property, summer is the perfect time to do so. Check out Behm Design’s website to view our extensive collection of garage plans. We have plans in every size and style imaginable. Simply purchase the plans, contact your local planning department for permitting, hire a contractor, and you are ready to go! As you sift through our plans, think about how you want to use your garage in the summer and all year long! From simply providing extra storage space to being a retreat for out-of-town guests, the options are truly endless. For more ideas about how to use your detached garage, take a look at our blog. Contact us today to discuss which garage plans would be perfect for your property.