Building a detached apartment option garage has risen in popularity for good reason. They offer versatility and value, serving as more than mere storage spaces for your car. Behm Design specializes in creating  plans that suit a variety of needs, with functional spaces you can enjoy.

The beauty of choosing a detached apartment option garage is its flexibility. Whether you’re looking to expand your living space or hoping to generate extra income, there are endless possibilities. At Behm Design, we provide expert plans  that allow you to maximize the utility and value of your garage space.

Behm Design offers various floor plans with apartment options which are actually drawn as “U” occupancy (utility) and that means the extra space can be used for garage, shop, hobbies, storage space which would have electrical and wiring and operable windows and doors. The included “Optional Floor Layout Plan” is for making the extra space as a habitable living use, or “R3” occupancy. The builder, owner, drafting service, space planner or architect would  need to add “R3” occupancy requirements which  vary by state . This can include information for HVAC, plumbing, residential electrical, kitchen furnishing and equipment, smoke and fire alarms, fire protection and separation, egress corridors. Your local  Building Dept. can advise you of their requirements for accessory living spaces. Even for home office use it would be “R3” occupancy and can include built-in shelving, ample natural light, and even a separate entrance are just some of the features you can incorporate.

Turn Your Garage into the Ultimate Hangout Spot

One of the most exciting ways to utilize a detached apartment option garage is by transforming it into an entertainment space. Think home theater, game room, or even a mini sports bar. With a well-planned layout and the right furnishings, your garage can quickly become the go-to spot for fun and relaxation.

Soundproofing the walls is a good first step. This will create an isolated environment, ideal for movie nights or lively gatherings. Proper lighting is also crucial, as it sets the mood and enhances the overall experience. From cozy wall sconces for a home theater to brighter, adjustable lighting for a game room, choices abound.

To top it all off, consider adding some high-tech features. Smart home devices allow you to control lighting, temperature, and even a state-of-the-art sound system from your phone.

Turn Your Detached Apartment Option Garage into a Productivity Hub

Working from home has challenges, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. A detached apartment option garage can become your ideal home office, separating your work life from your home life. This physical boundary boosts focus and helps maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The goal is to create a dedicated workspace that fosters productivity, free from the distractions of the main house.

Transforming your detached apartment option garage into a home office is also a smart financial move. It increases your property value while saving you money on renting an external office space. Plus, it offers tax benefits if you use the area exclusively for business purposes.

Turn Your Garage into a Cash Cow: The Rental Unit Option

One of the most innovative ways to use a detached apartment option  garage is to transform it into a rental unit. This approach not only provides a steady stream of income but also adds value to your property. With the demand for rental spaces rising, it’s a savvy move for any homeowner.

Renting out your garage apartment can be less complicated than you think. Local Zoning Codes often support this type of structure for residential use. You can fit it with modern amenities and make it as comfortable as any small apartment. The key is to ensure it meets legal and safety requirements.

The best part? Your rental unit can serve as a low-maintenance investment. With proper planning and quality construction, you can create an attractive space that requires little upkeep. This frees you to focus on other pursuits while your garage continues to generate income.

Transform Your Garage into a Cozy Guest House

A detached apartment option garage offers an excellent opportunity to create a cozy guest house. This separate living space combines privacy and comfort, providing a welcoming retreat for visitors. Since the area is detached from the main house, guests can come and go without disrupting your daily routines. This not only enhances the guest experience but also adds convenience for you as the host.

Turning your detached garage into a guest house has several advantages. For starters, it increases the overall value of your property. This boost in property value is beneficial whether or not you plan to sell your home. Additionally, converting the space allows you to elevate your hosting capabilities. You can design the interior to match your tastes and meet the needs of your guests, from high-end finishes to cozy basics.

The process of transforming the garage requires careful planning and execution. But once complete, you’ll find that your new guest house is not just an extra room—it’s an extension of your home. It offers a tailored guest experience, making your property more versatile and functional.

Turn Your Garage into a Retail Goldmine

Your detached apartment-option garage can be more than just extra storage space. It can become a handy spot for your home-based  or e-commerce business. You get the best of both worlds: quiet time to focus on your work and the convenience of being steps away from your home. Your local Zoning Office can tell you if that is possible for you zone and property. For home-based business use there is often a permit required along with your posted business license.  Because home business is not the same as retail business  there may be a restriction to having customers visit your location. And if its possible, they may require redefining your  property zone for a “mixed-use” occupancy. If so, they would have a process to do that.

Using your garage fin a business venture saves you money on rent and other overhead costs. Plus, you’re right there with your inventory. There’s no need to race back and forth to a separate location. 

The best part is that you can design the space exactly how you want it. Maybe you need built-in shelves to store your products or a corner desk for managing orders. You can even designate space for packing and shipping. It’s your space, so make it work for you.

By opting for a Behm Design plan, you’re not just getting a garage; you’re setting up for business success. We offer designs that can adapt to your ever-changing business needs, from modular shelving to customer-friendly layouts. 

Transform Your Living Space with Behm Design

A detached apartment option garage opens up a world of possibilities, not just an extra room. From a dedicated home office to a fully functional rental unit, the right design can turn your vision into reality. These spaces are versatile and practical, serving many needs while adding aesthetic value to your property.

So what’s the next step? It’s time to select a Behm Design plan that aligns with your unique vision. Our portfolio offers an extensive array of designs to suit a variety of needs and aesthetic preferences. We can help with the initial selection process. Don’t just transform your garage—elevate your entire lifestyle by getting started with Behm Design Garage Plans today.