Are you looking for unique and creative ways to utilize the extra space your detached garage provides? Look no further. At Behm Design, we offer a wide selection of versatile  detached garage plans that can match your unique needs. With our garage designs, you have a world of possibilities. Get in touch with us today to get started browsing our many plans and begin your project!

Revamp Your Detached Garage into an Enchanting Indoor Garden Oasis

Have you ever dreamed of having a personal green paradise, a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life? With creative thinking and planning, you can repurpose your detached garage into an alluring indoor garden oasis. This peaceful sanctuary extends your gardening season to an all-year affair, regardless of outside weather conditions.

Your transformation begins with ensuring your garden gets the necessary sunlight for plant growth. This is easily achievable by installing skylights and insulated windows in your detached garage. These will allow an influx of natural light, ensuring your plants receive the sunshine they require. Consider automatic shades or blinds for those particularly sunny days to prevent overheating and maintain a consistent climate.

Transform Your Detached Garage into a Personal Library

Unleash your inner bookworm by transforming your detached garage into a personal library. This change allows you to have a quiet, private space to immerse yourself in a world of words. Begin by installing built-in bookshelves to hold your treasured collection and add comfortable seating to facilitate hours of reading. Add a reading lamp for adequate lighting, and consider climate control options to protect your books from potential damage due to changes in temperature and humidity.

Turn Your Detached Garage into a Retro Arcade

Creating a retro arcade in your detached garage is truly appealing for those with a penchant for video gaming and a love for nostalgia. As an individual or a family of gamers, imagine the convenience and excitement of stepping into your own arcade right in the confines of your home. At Behm Design, we specialize in providing the blueprint basis for your dream space with our comprehensive and flexible detached garage plans.

Our garage plans provide a canvas for your creativity, allowing you to personalize the interior. Picture a space lined with vintage gaming posters and illuminated by vibrant neon signs reminiscent of classic arcades. The foundation of your gaming haven, including the flooring, is crucial to achieving this retro feel. Explore options like a classic black-and-white checkered floor to resonate with the theme.

Create a Home Theater in Your Garage

Envision having the thrill of a cinematic experience just steps away from your main house. With ample space and separation from the main living area, your detached garage is ideal for setting up a home theater. This transformation paves the way for endless movie nights, game days, or binge-watching sessions with friends and family within the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Visual and audio equipment are the primary elements when designing your home theater. Moreover, invest in a quality projector and a large screen that suits the size of your garage for the best viewing experience. With Behm Design’s wide array of detached garage plans, you can choose a layout that best accommodates these elements and suits your needs.

Use Your Garage as a Photography Studio

For professional and hobbyist photographers, having an accessible photography studio on your property is an enticing prospect. The wide-open space of a detached garage is like a blank canvas, ready to be molded to fit your photography needs. This transformation involves careful planning and customization, focusing on essential elements like lighting, backdrops, and props. Transforming your detached garage into a well-equipped photography studio provides convenience and a dedicated space to nurture and express your creativity.

Additionally, natural light plays a critical role in capturing high-quality photos. If your detached garage plan allows, aim to maximize the inflow of natural light by installing larger windows or even skylights. This will create a naturally illuminated environment, perfect for photo sessions that benefit from softer, more diffused light. However, having control over your lighting is equally crucial. As a result, your photos will look more professional. 

Furthermore, consider allocating a specific area for storing a variety of backdrops and props. This will allow you to swiftly alter the setting and theme of your photography sessions, offering versatility for your clients or your personal projects. From plain color backdrops to intricate set designs, the choice is yours. With a detached garage transformed into a photography studio, your creativity is not bound by time or space.

Create Your Perfect Space with Behm Design

The potential of your detached garage is only limited by your imagination. At Behm Design, we specialize in creating high-quality detached garage plans that cater to your unique needs and ambitions.

Our plans offer the  variety to cater to the specific requirements of your chosen transformation. We provide solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

We believe that your perfect space is not just a distant dream but is a tangible reality within reach. Let us help you turn your vision into reality, one garage plan at a time. Contact Behm Design today. You can adapt your new detached garage into a space that aligns with your vision.