Plan 676-9 – 26′ x 26′
Spacious 2 Car Colonial Plan with Cross Gable Attic Roof

Plan 676-9 – 26′ x 26′



Colonial  or Victorian Style 2 Car SUV Sized Garage With Big Attic Plan 676-9-2 – 26′ x 26′ by Behm Design. Download our Free Garage Plan Samples.

This garage is perfect for anyone who wants a standard American Colonial style garage to match their historical Victorian or historical Colonial style home. With the attic space above you can create a cozy hangout space or convert it into useful storage. We are confident Plan 676-9-2 will provide just what you need for your SUV protection and storage needs. With it’s 26’x 26′ size, it is sure to provide excellent space you need while not taking up too much of your backyard space.

Note: the form of this building has “cross-gable” look and is therefor compatible with Victorial houses, also of cross-gable form. Builders can usually add details to match cosmetics of your existing home.