How To Rough Estimate Garage Building Cost

A very basic way to rough estimate garage building cost for your project is to simply apply a typical average per square foot construction of  $30 to $40. That is for an average cost basis for having a contractor/builder build a basic one story garage for you on your property. If you are in an area with higher-than-average cost of living you can use $50 to $55. If there are complications or you prefer top quality materials and components the price can go up.So, generally speaking, a 24 ft.sq., two car, basic garage will cost in the range of $17,000 to $23,000. This can serve as a very rough basis.

For More Realistic Rough Cost Estimate:

If you can obtain a materials list for the garage you are considering and you know its basic dimensions you can quickly determine the rough or range of cost to build it – the “ballpark”, as they say. A few phone calls can get you enough information to know what level of total cost you should anticipate. After you’ve established a rough project cost you can acquire the plans, permitting information and ask for more detailed estimates or bids from the project participants. If you plan to have the garage built by a general contractor, they will normally do all of the administrative work to prepare a formal bid or contract proposal. But for now, this will get you in the “ballpark” of cost to build your new garage.

Foundation/Slab Cost:  $_____________________________________

The most reliable method for rough cost estimating of concrete foundation and slab work is to contact a local concrete contractor – one who specializes in this work.  They will be listed in the phone book yellow pages under “concrete”. General contractors use them for building their project concrete work If you can describe to them the footprint size of the garage and any unusual features, as well as the conditions at the building site, the concrete contractor can give you a “ballpark” or range of cost for the work – and that is without doing a detailed estimate.

Materials Cost: $_____________________________________

To get free materials list for any Behm Design garage plan contact Jay. The materials list provided by Behm Design is basic list, including most materials. Not included are some flashings, fasteners,  finishing materials like paint, stain, sealants, and electrical/mechanical. Roofing and applied siding are simply called out as sq. ft. of  surface area covered. If you take the list to a local supplier they can give you a preliminary materials package price which will include some allowances and assumptions subject to further refinement later on. This will be a rough, materials package cost.

Building Cost: $______________________________________

Generally, for conventional light frame construction, the labor cost will average between 1.5x and 2x the estimated materials costs. This number is more difficult to get as a rough quote because of many variables…so, just use this factor for now.

Rough Cost: $______________________________

Additional possible costs to explore:

You can contact your local building dept. or inspector to check required fees for permits, etc. If there are additional aspects to the garage you wish to build you can contact local businesses or installers to discuss specific item costs. They should be able to give rough cost estimates if you can describe your requirements. They may wish to visit the building site first.

Driveway $____________________________

Sidewalks $__________________________

Electrical $____________________________

Plumbing/Drainage $_____________________________

HVAC $______________________________

Permits, Fees $___________________________

Project Management Fees: $_______________________

Unusual Site Grading/Preparation: $_____________________