When building a new home or deciding to add a new garage, one of the first steps is selecting the garage type. There are many different things to consider like detached or attached, number of doors, material, and function. Before selecting a garage plan, you need to know what different types there are. Here are some of the available garage types and their features.

Standard Garage

A standard garage is the most basic garage type. It only serves one purpose, and that is to store your cars. This type of garage does not have any additional features. You can choose either a one, two, three, or four-car garage with a standard garage.

Apartment Garage

An apartment garage gives you more space. This type of garage has additional space above or beside the garage. Adding an apartment garage increases the value of your home due to the additional space. Many people will rent out the extra space to a tenant in order to make a little extra money.

Colonial Garage

Colonial garages are modeled after the reconstructed, restored, and preserved 18th-century outbuildings of Williamsburg, Virginia. However, unlike the old structures, this garage type is code compliant. Colonial garages go well with older style houses, since they match the architecture style of the home.

Shop Garage

Shop garages allow accommodations for more than just your vehicle. This single story garage allows space to store your vehicles comfortably as well as other items. This type of garage is perfect for hobbies or home businesses that need additional space.

Oversized Garage

Like the name implies, an oversized garage gives you more space than a normal garage. In an oversized garage, it is easier to walk around your car, and you have additional space for storage. This type of garage is all single story. The additional space is either added to the sides or the middle of the garage.

SUV Garage

The ever-popular SUV requires a little more room than your normal car, but not as much room as a truck. This type of garage has 9 to 10-foot high frame walls and 9 feet wide by 8 feet tall garage door openings. The SUV garage allows you to park your small to medium sized SUV comfortably in your garage.

Compact Garage

A compact garage is the smallest type of garage. It is great for older lots that do not have a lot of room to fit a detached garage. The compact garage has the minimum standard dimensions and functionality.

Choose the Perfect Garage Type

Choosing the perfect garage type depends on your needs. If you want to make a little extra money, then an apartment garage may be right for you, or if you want space for hobbies, then a shop garage would be perfect. No matter what you decide, you will need to have a garage plan. That is where Behm Design comes in. We have multiple plans for each garage type. Check out all of our garage plan options here.