If you own a vacation home, this is the perfect place to add a detached garage to the property. Whether your home is in the mountains, on the beach, or by a lake, there are numerous benefits to having a detached garage at a vacation home. For starters, you could invest in garage plans with an apartment above the garage space. Think about the extra space this would create for visitors! Read on to learn about more benefits.

Garage Plans with Apartment Space

When choosing garage plans, consider an option that has an apartment above the garage space. This apartment can be used for many different things, but with a vacation home it is very useful to have extra space for guests. Put a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette in the space above the garage and it will be the perfect place for family and friends to stay when they visit your home. You could even rent it out on Airbnb if you are interested in making extra cash.

Extra Storage Space

A garage is also a great space for extra storage. Oftentimes, vacation homes require extra storage space. For example, if you own a beach house, the garage can be used to store umbrellas, surfboards, chairs, beach games, and more!

A Place to Put Extra Vehicles

A detached garage is also a great place to put extra vehicles at your vacation house. Jet Skis, ATVs, bikes, scooters, snowmobiles and more can all be stored in the garage. This frees up room in the main garage or in other areas of the house. Vehicles can take up a lot of room, so it is nice to have a closed-off space to keep them in. Also, keeping vehicles inside a garage instead of outside in the weather will keep them newer and running better for longer.

A vacation home is a great investment. Not only is it a fun place to visit, but it also gives owners a chance to rent it out for some extra income. Increase the value of your vacation home by adding a detached garage. Pick garage plans with apartment space above to create room for visitors. The garage will also provide the home with extra storage space and places to put vehicles. If you have a vacation home and a detached garage sounds appealing, contact Behm Design today. Behm offers a wide variety of garage plans that can fit with any type of vacation home.