Vacation houses are homes away from home! However, they can often become cluttered with all sorts of vacation related items, including surfboards, mountain bikes, and snowboards. A great solution to this problem is getting a detached garage. At Behm Design, we have all sorts of great garage plans for your vacation home. Read on for more information about how different types of vacation homes can use detached garages.

Garage Plans for a Beach House

A beach house is a great place to add a detached garage. Bringing stuff in from the beach can be messy due to the sand. Wouldn’t it be nice to invest in a detached garage where all of your beach things could be stored? The garage could hold beach cruisers, ATVs, umbrellas, surfboards, chairs, and more! Add in shelving to hold towels and additional small items. Another benefit is that it gives homeowners a spot to park their cars. Sometimes storms at the beach can be intense and it is always nice to have a protected spot to put vehicles.

Garage Plans for a Mountain Home

A mountain home is another type of vacation house that could benefit from a detached garage. From bikes to skis, mountain equipment takes up a lot of room! Instead of seeking out a spot in the house to store them, they have their own place in the garage. It is also nice to have a room to take ski stuff on and off and to leave clothing to dry. Nobody wants soggy, wet ski clothes thrown all over the house. Another great reason to invest in a detached garage is to use it as a space to park your cars during snowstorms. Digging cars out of feet upon feet of snow is no fun! Keep your car safe from the snow, and a lot warmer, by parking it in the garage.

Garages with Apartments

Behm Design has garage plans available that have apartments on the second floor. These are perfect for vacation homes because it allows for an extra bedroom. This is useful for extra visitors or even for renting out the space.  

A Behm Design, we offer numerous garage plans that can be built right next to your vacation home. We provide plans for garages in many different styles and sizes. Pick the perfect garage that matches your vacation home. You will immediately receive a PDF of the plans to get started on your new project. Build the garage in the off-season so that when you come to your home for your beach trip or ski vacation, the garage will be ready. For more information about our available garage plans, contact us today.