Selecting the perfect garage design can be difficult as there are so many options available. Pick the garage plans with apartment option to maximize space. A two-story garage gives homeowners extra square footage above their new garage. They can use this space however they please. Here are some uses for the second story of a garage.


The space above the garage can be turned into a dwelling space. This is perfect for adult children living at home or for a guest room. This space can be transformed into a studio apartment. Create a comfortable living space by constructing a bedroom, bathroom, and small kitchen. Looking to earn some extra money? The second-story of the garage can be rented out. Find a tenant and start earning monthly rental income. The garage plans with apartment option is an easy way to boost your income.

Home Office

The second story of a garage is perfect for a home office. The space is roomy, quiet, and has a lot of natural light. This area is great for people who work from home. Set up a workstation and relax in your new at-home office.

Exercise Space

Save on a gym membership by creating your own at-home gym above the garage. Invest in your favorite workout equipment and set up your dream gym. Buy a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike for cardio workouts. Additionally, add a rack of dumbbells, and a space for yoga or stretching. Also, install speakers around the room to further personalize the space to allow for your unique workouts.

Game Room

Kids will love having this space transformed into a game room. Invest in an air hockey table, dart board, foosball table, and more! Also, include a shelf to store boards games and cards. This will quickly become the favorite room of your children.


If you are an artist or musician, this space can easily be made into a studio. Whether you are setting up easels or electric guitars, the second-story allows for homeowners to spread out equipment related to their hobbies. Additionally, the space gives homeowners a quiet, peaceful place to work on their art or music.

When picking garage plans, brainstorm what the space can be used for. Look into the garages plans with apartment option to further expand space and create an additional room. The uses for a second-story garage room are endless. Pick which option works best for you and your family and order second-story garage plans today! Contact Behm Design for more information on the second-story garage plan.