Garage door openers are a very useful convenience, but if lost, your garage and your home may be at risk. For this reason, it’s important to keep your garage door opener safe, and so keep your garage and home secure. Here are three quick safety tips to keep your garage door opener safe.

Place your garage door opener out of sight

Many people like the convenience of keeping a garage door opener in their vehicle at all times. However, keeping it in plain view is like an open invitation to possible thieves. You might be placing your garage and home at risk. If you decide to keep your garage door opener in your vehicle, place it somewhere that is not obvious. Great places to keep it include the glove box, the middle console, or behind your sun shade. Doing so will prevent people from noticing the device and keep you and your home safe.

Have a spot for your garage door opener at home

Some people decide to not keep your garage door opener in their vehicle at all times, and instead choose to keep somewhere in the home. To keep track of your garage door opener, have a consistent place for it. You will never have to waste time searching your house for it before you leave. Moreover, this helps form a good habit, and keeps you from having to think about where you left it last. By doing this, you know at all times where the device is located. Rest easy knowing that it isn’t lost.

Keep it on a Key chain

Most often you use your garage door opener to move your vehicle in and out of your garage. A great place to keep it, then is on your key chain. Having one item that you always grab when you are leaving your home will ensure that you do not have to keep track of multiple things. That can reduce the chance that you will misplace one or both of those items. Keeping your keys and your garage door opener in the same place is a great way to know that they are both safe and easy to locate.

Having a garage door opener is wonderful, since you don’t have to leave your vehicle when you need to open or close your garage. Since it’s a small device, always make sure it is somewhere that you can find quickly and easily. Doing so will give you peace of mind and one less thing to think about. You can leave and arrive back home without any worry. For more garage door information and tips, contact Behm Design today.