Adding a detached garage to your property is a very exciting endeavor. Before ordering garage plans, there are a few necessary steps to take to make sure you build the perfect garage. Be sure to take your time and go through all necessary requirements before building the detached garage. Check these steps off your checklist before ordering garage plans.

Check on Building Permit Requirements

It is very important that homeowners check building permit requirements before building a detached garage. A visit to the local Building Department or jurisdiction will allow homeowners to access necessary building permit information. Speak with a Permit Coordinator or a Plans Examiner to make sure you understand all the requirements and what is necessary to do when applying for a building permit.

Determine Zoning Criteria

Before purchasing garage plans, be sure to visit your local planning department to determine zoning criteria. The criteria set by this department is very important to understand when building a detached garage. Zoning criteria may include things like maximum allowable building height, secondary dwellings such as apartments, and building setback from property line dimensions. All of these things are important to consider before building a detached garage on your property.

Figure Out Size

Behm garage plans come in many different sizes. From small garages to jumbo garages, there is a plan for everyone. It is important to measure the area on your property where you want the garage to go. This helps you to understand what size garage is actually feasible for the property. Don’t forget to take things into account that will affect the size of the garage such as driveways, septic tanks, and drain fields.

Analyze Costs

Lastly, an important step to take before ordering a garage plan is to analyze the costs. Determine whether you are building the project yourself or if you are going to hire a general contractor to do the work. From there, figure out what costs to consider from construction start to finish. It is a good idea to make a spreadsheet listing out each line item cost. This will help you to understand total costs and account for any surprise costs that you predict may pop up during construction.

You may be tempted to pick our garage plans and get started with construction immediately. It is important to take considerate steps before diving into construction. Consider building permit requirements, zoning criteria, size, and costs before picking a garage plan. Contact Behm Design today for more information about the steps to take before ordering garage plans.