A detached garage can be a useful place to store your car or other supplies, such as hazardous chemicals, fertilizers, or your riding lawn mower. While detached garages enjoy a certain reputation for elegance and usefulness, attached garages offer better weather protection. Which garage design is better?

Potential health hazards should be stored in a detached garage

One can of paint or other household chemical doesn’t pose a threat to anyone. If you have a hobby that demands you keep a lot of hazardous material on hand, a detached garage could be the best thing for your health. If you enjoy varnishing furniture, for example, your varnish and paint thinner could be giving off fumes. Get enough of these fumes together and you have a health hazard. Moving this hobby out to a well ventilated and detached garage helps protect the home residents from harmful fumes.

An attached garage is better for extreme weather

If you live in an area of extreme weather, comfort may dictate an attached garage. Trekking out to a detached garage every morning can be difficult in the freezing cold. Driving into a garage before leaving the car can help in boiling hot summers as well. If your area is prone to extreme storms, heat, or cold, save yourself the pain and get an attached garage.

Detached garages offer better sound insulation

If you aim to use your garage for noisy hobbies such as woodworking, you absolutely need a detached garage. Saws, drills, and sanders are known to create noise pollution. The further you are from the main house, it’s less likely that these sounds will carry. A detached garage is great for limiting the sounds of woodworking, but it also makes a great place to store your materials.

Attached garages are often more affordable

If cost is a large factor for you, an attached garage could be better. Sharing a wall with the house will lower your construction costs. You can avoid paying for a fourth wall by using one you already have. Additionally, attached garages will benefit from the insulation in that wall. It can be easier to control their temperature. Heating or cooling a detached garage is more difficult work. If you’re looking for the most affordable garage option, you’ll most likely be looking at an attached garage.

Detached garages are better for sound insulation, privacy, and keeping your hazardous materials away from the main house. Keep your paint and varnish safely stored where the fumes can’t reach you. On the other hand, if you live in an area with extreme weather you should consider your comfort. You don’t have to walk between the house and the garage. Attached garages can also be more affordable. When you’re deciding what kind of garage to get, factor in your budget and what you really want out of the space.