A wooden garage door can make or break the charm of a craftsman-style home. Since updating the garage door is one of the easiest things you can do to add value to your home while boosting curb appeal, new garage doors are a very popular home modification. While shopping for your next investment, consider the pros and cons of getting a wooden garage door before taking the plunge.

Pro: Wooden Garage Doors are Popular

If you’re looking for a beautiful choice that will add value to your home, look no further than the wooden garage door. While fashions come and go, the wooden garage door remains popular through the decades. It adds a hint of charm to any home and fits any style of house, both classic and modern. If you want a garage door that’s pleasing to the eyes, you can’t go wrong with a wooden garage door.

Con: Insulation is Not Automatic

Many steel garage doors come with some amount of insulation or insulating features built into the door. Wooden garage doors lack this feature. While you can build it onto them, this is an extra step that adds extra expense to your garage door. If your garage connects directly onto your living space, you could find your utility bill shooting up after installing a wooden garage door.

Pro: Easily Customizable

Wooden garage doors are extremely customizable. This is good for both functional and cosmetic reasons. From a functional standpoint, wooden garage doors can be custom made to fit any shape you need. Many older garages are not built to standard sizes, making it difficult to find a pre-fab steel door that will fit. Your custom wooden garage door can be made to a unique size, or even to cater to unevenness in the floor or structure.

Even from a purely aesthetic point of view, wooden garage doors are incredibly customizable. Choosing the right kind of wood, style of cut, and the right paint or stain can create a door fine-tuned to fit the style of your house. You can find anything that your home needs.

Con: Price Point

Wooden garage doors can be pricey. If you choose a more expensive wood, that drives the price up. Building it to your exact specifications drives the price up. Since wooden garage doors are rarely entirely pre-fabricated, the cost will reflect the customization and uniqueness of your door. If budget is your biggest concern, a wooden garage door will be a strain.

Wooden garage doors are beautiful, but expensive. They can be made to fit your garage perfectly, but they lack the natural insulating features of steel. When selecting your new garage door, think carefully about the pros and cons before selecting a wooden garage door.