Modern Shed Plans 256-2 16′ x 16′

Modern Shed Plans 256-2 16′ x 16′



Modern Shed Plans

Will we need to get a building permit?  for a shed?

. . . . Many local building depts. are requiring a building permit / plan review for 60 sq. ft. size and larger. Although, the IRC  building size threshold is 200 sq. ft.
In reality, local authorities are requiring approval because homeowners  are building over easements and rights-of-way.

Are there building code compliant shed plans available?

Therefore, at Behm Design, we draw all Modern Shed Plans to comply with the IRC code.  Because the IRC  building code is the basis of most states’ building codes. So using IRC prescriptive methods plans examiners in most US locations will approve our plans for the permit.*

Additionally, the Materials list located on the Cover sheet of each plan you can have suppliers work up a preliminary materials package cost.

Our Modern Shed Plans contain building industry-standard content established by architects, engineers, drafters and designers.

Behm Design plans include:
  • Floor Plan
  • Foundation Plan
  • Roof framing plan
  • Cross-Section
  • Elevations
  • Wall framing  elevations
  • Details
  • Typical Wall  Section
  • Materials List
  • IRC Braced Wall Construction
  • Structural & General Notes & Specifications

We use 1/4″ = 1 ft. drawing scale for plan views:

Behm Design sells Modern Shed Plans as PDF file by emailing the PDF link. Most jurisdictions expect PDFs for plan submittal. Concurrently, some still want paper. These shed plans are made for 18″ x 24″ sheet size paper for correct drawing scale. The PDF file may be sent to a local print/office supply shop like Fedex Office or Staples for printing. In most cases. each shed plan has four sheets, occasionally 5.

Planning your shed project should begin with a call or visit to your local Building Dept., a county or city office. There they can advise you if a building permit is required. And also if they require building code compliance. If they don’t then the project can be faster and easier to build. If you need code compliance, please check out Modern Shed Plans by Behm Design.