A Garage door is a big part of the look of your house. Forward-facing and very large, the right door can make your home’s appearance–or break it. It’s not enough to be beautiful, however. A garage door needs to be made of the right material for your climate and your needs.

Material is key

Not all materials are suitable for all climates. Wooden doors are both popular and beautiful, but they need a specific climate to do well. Extremely humid areas might cause the wood to swell without careful maintenance. Moreover, salty air dries the wood out. Finding a happy medium between the two is a challenge at best.

Metal garage doors are another option. These are more common and more hardy. If you don’t like the look of metal, you might consider fiberglass. This material is great for areas with extreme temperature differences. While many options exist, one material may be more suitable to your area; do a little research before you let yourself fall in love with an unusable material.

The style should fit your home

When choosing a door, the style should complement the style of your home. You may love the look of a stained redwood garage door, but if you have a Spanish villa-style home, it’s going to look out of place. However, you don’t need to feel as though you must be rigid about your options. Craftsman style garage doors pair excellently with Craftsman-style homes, but they also look good on some other styles. You should find a garage door style that works for you and your home. It doesn’t have to be an either-or.

Consider the next ten years

One of the best things you can do when looking for a home garage door is to consider the next ten years. That’s the minimum that you can expect to get out of the major investment of a new garage door. Ask yourself if you might consider selling your home in the next ten years. If so, this is the perfect time to add value to your home before it goes on the market. A new, stylish, secure home garage door can easily add a few thousand dollars to your home’s value and sometimes more. If you your garage door is a front entry, it is a large portion of what is visiable. A great match can drastically increase the curb appeal of your home. That favorable impression alone can raise the interest in your home–and potentially it’s selling price.

Picking the perfect garage door is hard. You should organize your search by needs, then wants. First, consider what materials do well in your area. Once you know what you have to choose from, you can pick a garage door that raises the curb appeal and value of your home.