Have you ever longed for a quiet, calm space to work or relax? A detached garage is the answer! Don’t think of your garage as simply a place to store cars; imagine it as a work studio or a hangout spot. When looking through garage plans, think about how you would design the space to make it unique and homey. Here are four things to add to a new detached garage to make it feel homey.

Pick Garage Plans and Add Unique Lighting

Once the garage plans are decided on, it is time to start thinking about how you will make the space your own! The first thing to think about is the lighting. If you are turning your garage into a work space or a gym, recessed lighting works well. Make it possible to dim the bulbs so that you can control how much light you need. If your garage is going to be a hangout spot, the lighting options are endless. Invest in fun lamps, string lights, and hanging bulbs. Lighting is a great place to start when decorating a new space.

Think About Flooring as You Pick Garage Plans

The flooring of the garage space is another big decision. Do you want to maintain the typical concrete garage floor? Do you want to invest in hardwood floors or carpets? If you are creating a gym, maybe you want to try a softer mat-type floor. The best way to decide is to buy a variety of flooring samples. This gives you something tangible to touch and see to decide if you want it in your garage.

Add a Rug

If you decide to go with a traditional concrete garage floor, purchase a few rugs to make the space warmer and cozier. Find rugs that mesh with your style and add them to the space.

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

If the garage is going to be a hangout spot, invest in some comfortable furniture. Purchase couches, chairs, and any other type of furniture you think you might need. Make sure to get enough seating so that you can have friends or family over to relax in your new space. When most people think about detached garages, they think about an extra spot for cars or a storage space. Get creative and see this space as a potential work studio, gym, or hangout spot. When choosing garage plans, pick a style that works for you. Maybe this is a small one-car garage that will give you a cozy space to relax. Maybe it is a two-story garage where you can have a work studio on the first floor and a hangout spot on the second floor. The options are endless! Contact Behm Design today for more information about purchasing garage plans and designing your dream space.