At Behm Design, we have a collection of jumbo garage plans to fit your needs. These plans have 12’ high framed walls, oversized doors, and a large floor area. These jumbo garage plans offer a variety of different options including plans for a four-car, two-car, and a one-car with an automotive lift. Read on for four different ways to fill a jumbo size garage.

Garage Plans with Space for Larger Vehicles

The jumbo garages have higher ceilings, allowing space for taller vehicles to be stored inside. This is perfect for homeowners who have large pickup trucks. You no longer need to worry about parking your car out on the street. With a jumbo garage plan, protect the truck from the weather and keep it safe in the garage.

There Is Room for an Automotive Lift with these Garage Plans

The jumbo garages are perfect for homeowners who enjoy working on cars. Behm Design offers two garage plans that fit standard automotive lifts. Homeowners can save some money repairing their own cars instead of taking them into a shop. This is also a great option for homeowners who have vintage cars that need to be repaired and restored.

Storage Space

Jumbo garages are also a great option for those who need extra storage space. This is perfect for homeowners who do not have basements or attics. A jumbo four-car garage allows homeowners to park their cars and store things as well. Invest in some built-in shelves to further increase the storage space in the garage.

Hobby Space

A jumbo garage could become a space dedicated to a hobby. Turn this space into a gym, yoga studio, wood shop, or art studio. A jumbo garage provides plenty of room to store everything related to the hobby. Often there is no room to put a workout room or studio in the main house. A jumbo garage provides an addition to the house, allowing homeowners to fully invest and participate in their hobby without having to worry about space restrictions.

A jumbo garage is a good option for homeowners who have the space on their property. It provides extra room to park large vehicles, install an automotive lift, store things, and create a hobby space. Behm Design offers eight different jumbo garage plans. Analyze the size and specs of each and determine which one will work best with your property. Not only will these garages be extremely beneficial to homeowners, but they will also help increase the resale value of the home. For more information about garage plans, contact Behm Design today.