If you are looking to increase the resell value of your home, adding a standalone garage could be your answer. Building a standalone garage on a property adds resell value in many ways. From giving extra storage space to having an additional bedroom, the benefits of getting a new garage are endless. Pick garage plans and start construction as soon as possible to increase the value of your home. Here are a few ways that garages can add to the resell value of a house.

Added Living Space

Homeowners may not initially think about a garage adding extra living space to their home, but your garage plans can include a second story dwelling space. On paper, this will add an extra bedroom to your house, thus increasing the value. Another benefit of this extra living space is that it can be rented out. Not only will this space increase the value of your home, but it can also increase your monthly cash flow as you now have gained rental income.

Potential Work Area

The ability to market your house as having a work space will add value. Some garage plans give you the ability to work on cars. It is the perfect space to store tools and do service on broken car parts. Investing in a jumbo garage can allow room for an auto lift as well. If working on cars isn’t a necessity, the garage space can be turned into another type of work space such as a wood shop, art studio, or exercise room. Being able to have a flexible space that can be easily transformed is important for increasing the resell value of homes.

Extra Storage Space

The third reason that a garage can add resell value to homes is through the extra storage space. This is especially true if the home lacks a basement. It is very useful to be able to keep your cars in your attached garage and then have additional storage space for other items. This space could be used to store everything from tools to Christmas decorations. Having this extra square footage of storage will help your home sell for more.

When considering adding a garage to your property, it is important to be creative and determine how this garage will add to the resell value of your home. Through added square footage and extra living and storage space, your garage will help your house sell for more. Contact Behm Design today to learn about different garage plans that are right for your property.