One of the most enjoyable parts about picking garage plans is figuring out the style. Typically, homeowners try to match the style of their home when building a detached garage. At Behm Design, there are a variety of styles available. Explore the different options and pick one that works best for you and your property. Here are four examples of the styles to pick from.


The craftsman style has been around since the turn of the 20th century. The movement came from the British arts and craft style architecture. These beautiful homes can be seen all over the United States. Design characteristics include a covered front porch, columns to support the roof, and overextended eaves. If you own a craftsman style house, consider getting a detached garage to match. The craftsman garage plans are perfect for smaller lots. They are designed to be minimal and functional.


Colonial homes originated when the colonists tried to design houses that reminded them of home. As a result, the colonial style is symmetrical, usually with 2 or 3 stories, and has a brick or wood front. Many examples of these homes can be found in Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. Many of the homes located in the east coast colony states have a colonial style. Behm Design has made accurate-looking garage plans to compliment your colonial home. They are intended to look like original colonial buildings with respect to scale, proportions, and details. They are also structurally up to date with contemporary building codes


The modern home style developed between the 1930s and the 1950s. At this time, architects were aiming to make homes more simple and less ornate. The homes attempted to honestly express their structure with simple forms, clean lines, flat roofs, and natural colors. If you live in a modern home, consider adding a modernist detached garage to the property. These garages have nearly flat roofs.


The Victorian style of architecture originated during the time of Queen Victoria. These homes ( which are mimicked as dollhouses) have very intricately designed exteriors. Victorian style homes often have a wraparound porch and a tower. In addition, they have bright colors, and are 2 or 3 stories. If you have a Victorian style home, there is a perfect garage plan for you, Behm Design plan 576-16. The beautiful designs on this garage resemble the details of a Victorian house. The garage fits two cars and has attic space. Simpler garage designs are often adapted to this style by using details and ornamentation matching an existing home.

When choosing from our garage plans, keep in mind that you can select a style that fits with your current home. A detached garage that matches the style of your home will be a beautiful addition to the property. Also, it can increase the value of the house. Contact Behm Design today to learn more about the available garage plans.