Building a garage is the perfect opportunity to build in storage space. Usually, you wind up trying to make a space you didn’t design fit your needs. If you have the chance to get it right the first time, take it. There are three easy ways to maximize storage space during the design phase that won’t drastically increase the cost of your garage.

Add Vertical Inches

When it comes to adding more garage storage space, think outside the box. For example, consider changing the height of your garage design. Unless you have a good reason not to add some vertical space (like blocking the view from the master bedroom, or something), don’t be afraid to try something different. More room at the top of your garage allows you to put in overhead storage. This picks your boxes up off the floor, allowing you to use the space beneath for a workshop, a den, or even storing your car! Garages are very popular for car storage these days.

Allow Fastening Anywhere

Hanging hooks or shelves from the walls is another excellent way to make use of every available cubic foot in your garage. In most garages, you can only hang things from studs and crossbars behind the wall. The rest of the wall is just drywall over insulation, and can’t handle bearing the load for anything else. During your design, make sure to put extra blocking between the studs of your wall. That will allow you to fasten hooks or shelves anywhere along the wall, not just on the studs. You have more room to hang things, and fewer items clutter up the floor.

Build In Cabinets

There is some debate in the garage world about whether or not cabinets are useful. Some argue that it’s better to spend the space they take up with walls, doors, and dividers on housing items. While this is true, it really comes down to what you want from your garage. If you just want a cube to store possessions, you don’t have to design a functioning garage in the first place. You want a shed. If you want to do anything else in your garage, from work to play, you need to have cabinets. Cabinets look tidy and can make any mess presentable in a moment. There has to eventually be a limit to what you can store in a garage–but for form and function, choose sturdy cabinets designed into the space.

Garage storage space is always at a premium. If you’re designing your garage from scratch, do yourself a favor by remembering these tips. Thinking outside the box can add beneficial space without adding a whole lot to the cost of your build. Try building cabinets right into the walls for the best results, or use blocking in between studs to allow for extra hanging space. While adding vertical space to your garage might cost more, it can also be useful when considering more garage storage space.