You are ready to add a garage to your property. You have researched various garage plans and decided on a jumbo plan. The jumbo garages are designed for people that need a lot of space in their garage. At Behm Design, we have seven jumbo plans to choose from. The jumbo plans include various options such as one, two, three, and four-car garages as well as garages that are big enough to fit an automotive lift. Picking a jumbo garage plan is a great option, but you may be left wondering, “How am I going to fill all this space?” Here are a few ways to fill a jumbo garage.


The jumbo garage plans are perfect for someone who owns multiple cars. There are both a three-car garage plan and a four-car garage plan. If your family owns a lot of cars, this is a great way to get them off the street and into shelter. The four-car garage plan is also ideal for someone who collects cars. Park your own cars in the house garage and place the collector cars in your new detached garage.

Automotive Lift

Are you someone who enjoys working on cars at home? With the jumbo garage plans, there is room to fit an automotive lift inside of the garage. Save money on getting your car repaired at a body shop and fix it in your own garage.


Jumbo garage plans are a good option for families who need a lot of storage space. It can be hard to find storage space in the house especially if there is no basement or adequate attic space. Get a three or four-car garage, park your cars, and fill the rest of the space up with things you need to store.


Last but not least, you can use part of the jumbo garage as a workspace. This could include work such as making or restoring furniture, woodworking, painting, and more! A jumbo garage will finally give you the space to complete and store your work.

When looking through garage plans, it is important to determine what is going to go in the space. If you need space for extra cars, storage, a workshop, or an automotive lift, a jumbo garage will fit your needs. A jumbo garage allows you to add a significant amount of extra square footage to your house! Contact Behm Design today to learn more about which jumbo garage plan is right for you.