Picking out a garage can be difficult because of all the options. A good first step to take is to figure out what size garage you need. Once you figure out the size, you can further pick the style and design. At Behm Design, we have many garage plans in various sizes. We have everything from plans for compact garages to plans that are big enough to hold an automotive lift. Here are some things to consider when figuring out what garage size you need.

Measure the Land

The first step to figuring out what garage size you need is to measure the plot of land you plan on putting the garage. Some of the garage plans will be too big for your land, so it is important to get exact measurements. Once you have the measurements, research garage plans of different sizes. According to these plans, place stakes on the land where each corner of the garage would be. This will give you a good idea as to whether the size garage you pick will fit well on the plot of land.

Determine What the Space Will be Used For

Another important factor when choosing your garage size is what you plan on using the space for. For example, if you plan on parking four cars in your garage, you will need a much larger space than if you only have one car to park. Some of the garage plans available are even large enough to hold an automotive lift.

Build Up Not Out

If your plot of land is smaller and not suitable for an expansive garage, consider building up, not out by picking a two-story garage plan. There are many two-story garage plans to choose from. With the two-story garages, your options are endless. Put cars in the garage and then use the second floor for storage. The second floor can also be used as a home office, studio, workout room, or even an extra bedroom.

As you get excited about all the different garage styles available, don’t forget the important first step of figuring out what size space you need. Take measurements of your land and determine what you will use the garage for. Also, consider building up with a second-story garage plan. Once you have considered all of these factors, the decision about what size garage to choose will be easier. Contact Behm Design and browse through our website to see the different sized garage plans available to you.