When you have finally decided to build a garage there are plenty of decisions to make about the garage. Evaluating you garage needs is usually the best place to begin.

What Kind Of Spaces Do I Need?

Vehicle Space: You can roughly measure your vehicle(s)’ footprint by tape measure or measuring stick – width x length. Then add 2 ft all around. That is vehicle space. Height becomes significant if vehicle is greater than 6 ft high. You must then consider wall and garage door heights as well. Garage plans with extra height are available.

Side Space: If you add 1 ft of space along a side wall you are really only accommodating flat wall storage such as rakes, shovels, small bins, racks and shelves. Adding 2 ft allows larger pieces placed along the wall such as small mowers, edgers, gas cans, rolling tool cabinets. Adding 3 ft give more flexibility as you can park bigger mowers, bicycles, smaller motorcycles, large storage racks and cabinets. Also, many free-standing power tools can be used in the 3 ft space.

Back Wall End Space: This is the same as side space except that it can be even deeper which allows a work area for example. Some garage plans do have that feature in varying width dimension. And beyond that, one can add a partition wall with door. Such arrangements separate the spaces and can keep dust, vapors, chemicals, paint and moisture of one space from another.

Isolated Back Wall End Space: You can insulate, flash and seal one space from the other and control heat and ventilation. This is often done when a home office or business is its purpose. Artist studio and many other uses can be served. A doorway in outside wall is required as minimum.Windows can be added to create greater comfort and quality of space.

Roof Storage Space: Attic space is easily achieved if you are using rafter / ceiling joist roof structure. Trussed roofs can also be used to create attic space using “attic storage trusses” wherein is a rectangular-ish space created in the center of the truss bracing members. The trusses are always engineered and manufactured and you can get a pretty good sized space. You can also have the truss made extra strong for better storage capacity. Many steep and moderate slope roof garage plans are available.

Consideration of these many storage ideas will allow successful planning of your desired or needs garage design. You can then evaluate the many garage plans available.