By adding the perfect garage to your home, you ensure that your property value goes up. The question isn’t if, but how much. There are three main ways that a detached garage adds value to your property. First, it boosts the curb appeal of your home when done right. Secondly, it adds square feet to your property. Lastly, it either helps your home stand out or it helps you keep up with the Joneses.

Boosts Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal” is difficult to pin down. It’s a somewhat subjective score. It has to do with how pleasing your home appears from the street. While some of it is personal taste, much of it can be catered to in general terms. For example, trimming back your trees and shrubs will raise curb appeal because the property looks well-maintained. Adding a garage is another way to boost curb appeal. It presents a stronger front to your property. It helps it to look spacious and full. Select a stylish garage door and you have something to draw the eye!

Adds Square Footage

One of the key ways to value your home is to look at the price per square foot. Other factors about your house will then show whether or not you’re above or below the market average per square foot. A brand new house full of modern appliances will be above the average, while a rickety old shack will be under it. Either way, the more space you have, the more money you’ll make on the sale. A detached garage raises property value because it adds square feet to your structures. No matter what your house sells for per square foot, the more square footage, the better.

Stand Out or Keep Up

Look around your neighborhood. Do most of the houses in the area have a garage (detached or otherwise)? If they don’t, then your property is going to stand out all the more. You’re going to be offering something that a potential buyer probably won’t see on other houses. This makes your property more memorable. Plus, the more rare something is, the more it’s worth.

The other side of this is simple. Do most houses in your neighborhood currently come with garages? If this is the case, then potential buyers are going to expect the garage. Not having one puts your house at a disadvantage. When you put in a detached garage, property value rises because you’ve overcome that obstacle.

Adding a detached garage is a great way to bring your property value up. You won’t be at a disadvantage against other houses. It adds square foot to your price tag. A detached garage can even help your property make a great first impression.