Are you thinking about building a garage for your home? Are you aware of the many different kinds of home garages available today? It is a lot more than a single square block of space. There are many styles. Your home garage is an extension of your house and even, your identity. While it serves its intended purpose of storing your vehicle, different garage types are vastly different from each other. If you go to a garage plans company and search for ideas, you’ll be presented with many kinds. Here’s a quick guide to the different types and styles of garages: .

The Material Used Counts

Most attached garages (attached to your home’s wall) are made out of the same material that the house itself is made of. Detached garages, on the other hand, are free to be designed as needed. One of the most common materials used is wood. Wooden garages are sturdy, easy to build, cheap, and safe. However, wooden walls are far more prone to fire damage. Thieves find it easier to cut into wooden garages than those made of other materials.
Steel is also used to build garages, along with other types of alloy metals. Locations subject to termites and wood rot over time benefit from metal building technologies. However, these are more expensive and less common building options. If you live in an area that is prone to hot weather then you really shouldn’t invest in a steel garage. The metal heats up and creates a hot and possibly, damaging environment inside. ALternatively, many garages are built using brick and mortar or concrete. They are secure, prevent termite and moisture damage and, additionally, are fire proof.

Design Types for Home Garage Buildings

While the materials change the garage types on a basic level, any designer will tell you that there is more that goes into determining the style of a home garage. There are three major types of garage designs in the modern age. These are based mainly on their size and capacity.
1. One Car garages – These are the most basic types of a garage. Nearly any home with a single small vehicle can build a single garage. It doesn’t occupy much space as it is meant for one car and a little extra space for moving around. Single garages aren’t good for storing other equipment. This is mostly because of the constricted space. However, it’s the cheapest option when compared to other garages.
2. Twocar garages – These are also called double garages, and are twice the size of a single garage in terms of the width. This garage type allows for the parking of two cars side by side, although most homes have a double garage with only one car. The reason for this is that the extra space can be used to keep lawn mowers, tools, and other equipment when it is not in use, without being hazardous for the car.
3. Tandem garages – These aren’t very common because the design isn’t very different in terms of function. A tandem garage can accommodate two cars parked in front of one another. This is the same as having two single garages end to end. Some tandem garages have one door, while others have two. Most families with multiple cars choose the standard double garage instead.