Building a garage can be a complicated process. There are many important factors you have to consider, including location, building regulations, and features. Here are a few garage tips to consider in order to make your garage building process as simple and easy as possible.

Garage Uses

If you don’t already have a garage and decide to build one, you should consider what the space will be used for. Will it be used to park vehicles and protect them from damage and theft? Will it be used for workshops and storage? The function of your garage will impact your decisions on features such as lighting, outlets, plumbing, windows, etc. It may also influence whether you choose an attached garage or a detached garage.

Building Permits

One of the first steps is getting information about a building permit. If you hire a contractor, they should be able to obtain the permit for you. They will also be able to share any information you need to know. If you build the garage yourself, make sure to obtain the proper permit.

Many homeowners find themselves forced to alter or remove their garage because the structure ends up too close to property lines. Make sure you have enough square footage on your property for the garage to be built the way you want. Also, check that you have enough space for a driveway.


It might be a good idea to check with your homeowner’s association to see if they have any guidelines as far as the style and appearance of your garage. It’s usually preferred that the architecture and color match your home. This can be a key factor if you’re considering buying a prefabricated garage kit. Most kits are less expensive than traditional garages. They are also easy to put together. However, you should make sure they follow the guidelines required for your neighborhood.


If you’re building the garage yourself, you must decide if you will need electricity and running water. Most people desire a garage with electric lights and a place to plug in power tools, especially if the space will be doubling as a workshop. It’s also common for people to want to be able to wash their hands in a working sink. This way they can avoid bringing a mess into the house.

Building Codes

If you’re skilled enough to install plumbing and wiring yourself, make sure that it is done according to the most recent building codes in your area. If you hire a contractor, they should be familiar with these codes. They will also be able to explain them to you if needed.

Workshops and Garage Tips

If your garage is going to also be used as a workshop, make sure your design is big enough for you to work in without having to remove a vehicle. It may also be useful to design a garage with a workbench and storage already included in the design.

Deciding to build a garage is only the first step. There are many other elements to consider and decisions to make. Behm Design wants to help make the process easier for you. Visit our website to explore our large selection of garage plans, or contact us for more information.