Rough Estimate The Cost Of Building A Garage:

A basic method of estimating your cost for building the detached garage would be to apply an average cost per sq. ft. of new construction of $35 to $45. This would be an average basic cost to have a builder/contractor construct a one story garage on your own property. For locations with above average typical building costs, the range would be around $45 – $55. If your building site involves complications, such as grades, drainage problems or obstructions, prices will go up. Also, if your preferences include the best quality of materials/components, the price will go up, above average. So, as a rough or ‘ballpark’ estimate a 24 sq. ft. 2-car garage would cost around $20,160 to $23,040.

More Accurate, Preliminary Cost Estimate Of Building A Garage:

Garage plan and footprint dimensions must be known in order to get the material list for actual garage. A local supplier can generate a ‘Preliminary Materials Package Cost’ from that list. You could expect that some allowances would be included to be refined at a later date. You can make some phone calls to inquire about the materials, products, and services needed to complete your garage building project.

Foundation + Slab Cost: $________________________________

Having the concrete building foundation and slab floor built is left for the specialized contractor. If you search local internet or ‘Yellow Pages’ listings you will find one to call. If you describe the building size, location, and general building site conditions they should be able to roughly estimate their price for building it. If the project does move forward they would be able to produce a detailed cost estimate based on reviewing the actual garage plans and inspecting the building site.

+Building Materials Cost: $_____________________________________

Any garage plan you would want to use for actually building a garage would include a building materials list. Without material list, you cannot judge the costs. As an option, you could buy plans without that list and have the supplier do a take-off and estimate which does take some time and may or may not be offered by suppliers. The list you acquire from the plan’s provider will usually show most materials to complete and may not include items such as fasteners, flashings, finishing products, sealants, electrical components, HVAC, and accessories. But, in the preliminary sense, this package cost will be suitable.

+Building Labor, Overhead and Profit Cost: $______________________________________

Generally speaking, these costs for conventional light wood frame constructions approximately costs 1.5 to 2 times the materials package estimated cost. At this level of rough estimating it is difficult to project accurate costs because of the many variables for the project. It is best for now to use that factor.
= Estimated Cost $______________________________

Other Project Costs May Include:

Required fees and add-ons for building permits and inspections. Physical site development cost may be involved, as well.
Driveway/Access/Apron $____________________________

Sidewalks and/or Curb/Gutter $__________________________

Electrical Service $____________________________

Plumbing (if applicable) $_____________________________

Heating / Cooling / Ventilation / Insulating $______________________________

Building Site Storm Drainage / Retention $____________________________

Permits, Mitigation Fees $___________________________

Construction Management Fees $_______________________

Site Grading and Preparation $_____________________