Converting your garage into a man cave is the perfect way to turn dead space into the highlight of your home. Transforming your workspace or storage area into a great man cave takes attention to detail. Whether you want a home entertainment system to watch the game or space to geek-out with your nerd friends, this is how you get the most out of your garage.

1. Power Outlets are a Must

Your first step towards the best man cave is getting enough power to run all your toys. Whether it’s a big screen TV, the best sound system, or even a fully stocked outdoor bar and kitchen, your man cave needs juice. Most garages are light on outlets, so make sure that you have power strips and hidden extension cords. Also, make sure that the circuits and electrical panel you’re drawing from can handle a big load! You don’t want to trip the circuit breaker.

2. Ensure You Have Great Internet Reception

You want to be able to check the score on your phone while watching another game. Most game consoles require an Internet connection these days. Your buddies are going to want to check their apps while they’re hanging out. The Internet is an integral part of the world now. If you need a boost, get an extended router for your space, so no one is itching to leave.

3. Diversify Your Space

In your garage turned man cave, space is at a premium. It’s okay to pick a theme that unites your room into the niche you want it to be. Just be judicious. You may love air hockey, but an air hockey table that takes up all of the space in your man cave is going to be more of an imposition than a fun contest. If you want to have a lot of movie nights, that’s great, but a table for chatting, eating, or playing poker would be cool too.

4. Lots of Light

Garages aren’t known for their large, beautiful windows that let in lots of natural light. Day or night, it’s going to be dim in your man cave. While this is great for movies and some video games, make sure you have enough light for the rest of the time. You don’t want your man cave to be an actual cave.

Your man cave should be comfortable, well lit, and powerful enough to handle anything you’d like to do. When you’re working with a garage, your best tips will be to compensate for less than ideal design features. By maximizing your space, you create a great cave that perfect for getting away.