This year has been unpredictable. More than ever before, our team at Behm Design understands the difference that a detached garage with apartment space can make for any home and any size of family.  

We have helped clients adapt, accommodate, and adjust their spaces to face a wide variety of needs during the pandemic. With over 25 detached garage plan designs that include essential and valuable apartment space, finding the perfect design to fit your unique needs has never been easier. 

Quarantine Necessity 

This year, families across the country have faced the logistical nightmare of having a loved one diagnosed with COVID-19, only to realize there was no ideally suited place to recuperate without compromising the rest of the family at home. This situation is challenging and stressful, especially for families with immunocompromised members. 

Our detached garages with apartment space options on both the second and the ground floor provide easy access to both a kitchen and bathroom, but leave plenty of private space for bedrooms and a living area. Some plans allow balcony space, with room for a small cafe table and chair for outdoor dining. 

This living space provides the comfort and quiet needed for anyone who may be recuperating. We have a variety of plans that allow both privacy and comfort.  

The Children Return 

College students find themselves uprooted from colleges and universities during the pandemic and face difficult choices about returning home or trying to live in their dorms.  Some had no choice at all but to return home until they could make long-term plans. 

The pandemic not only upended the student’s plans but their parent’s plans, too. It’s not always easy getting used to children being back in the nest! 

The investment in a detached garage with apartment space maintains your student’s privacy while also providing space for the rest of the family. Especially when insecurities exist over COVID-19 exposure on campus, these garage apartments are the perfect solution to a tricky problem. 

Even in more traditional times, the idea of providing a separate living space for visiting children, even children with their own families home for a visit, can be a win-win for everyone involved. 


This spring, families who had never considered homeschooling their children found themselves with whiteboards and number lines set up in their dining rooms. Finding quiet spaces so school-age children could conference with their teachers, often at the same time, became a stressor. 

Many families found peace and comfort in having a detached garage they could convert into schoolrooms for their children. 

Research shows that having separate areas for work and play is vital for focusing on your given task. Even a quick walk across the yard to a specific place where schoolchildren know they will be doing their classwork helps focus minds and increases productivity. 

Behm Design’s detached garage plans are perfect for a schoolhouse at home! Many plans provide open spaces for more casual reading or study, and private rooms available for conference calls and more focused learning. 

Having a space designated and organized for study and work has been a lifesaver for many during the pandemic. We cannot overstate the value of being able to set up for school and leave it behind at the end of a productive day. 

Behm Design offers a variety of garage plans. A detached garage can be used in many different ways during the summer season.

How A Detached Garage With Apartment Space Can House Aging Parents 

This season has been a difficult balance for so many adults with aging or older parents. “If we’d only known we would have to be apart for so long…” has been a common refrain for many.  

Now that we know what isolation can mean for aging or older parents and grandparents, we can prepare. 

Although our plans accommodate multiple vehicles, you never have to park your car there. Use the bottom floor as a shared space, allowing for family dining or entertainment. You could even put in a practice putting green or pool table so that families can be comfortable visiting with each other in a spacious but inviting environment. 

We designed our apartment spaces so that privacy is always a consideration. Perhaps our garage plans with apartment space on the ground floor provide a more practical blueprint for your needs. Take a look at our designs. You’ll be pleased to find flexibility, creativity, and opportunity. 

Detached garage apartments that allow multi-generational families to quarantine together are a perfect compromise. They are a great option for those who depend on each other for childcare, healthcare, daily living necessities – even simple companionship. 

With lots of plans to choose from, this is a worthwhile investment. It’s not only for convenience, but also for peace of mind. 

How A Detached Garage With Apartment Space Can Provide Flex Space

There are lots of important lessons learned during this unpredictable season. One, in particular, is that our spaces are essential! 

Detached garages with apartments included make the perfect getaway space. When you have to staycation, our garages can turn your spot into a vacation!

When they’re not being used by visiting grandparents or children, you can turn this space into something of your very own. Look through our plans and think through your options creatively. Use the apartment space as a home office, weekend getaway suite, even a reading room or theatre! Have you always wanted a sewing room? A family game area? Maybe a climate-controlled workout area is more your speed? 

That’s what’s so wonderful about our plans. You can make them your own to suit your specific needs. You’ll be amazed at the difference in having that extra little place, just for you and just across the driveway, which makes such a big difference in how you feel.  

About Us 

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