Q: Hello Jay,I am very interested in garage plan 856-1. Perfect size, good amount of windows, and that precious loft. 🙂 I see you offer to send out the materials list for free, and it would be very helpful to me to cost it out ahead of time. If it’s do-able, I’ll be ordering the complete garage plans shortly, as this is the best I’ve seen thus far, plus it’s clear you go to great lengths to provide quality work.Many thanks, M.S. in NH

Q: im interested in the 900-2 30×30 garage plans.our town requirements state a residential garage cannot be more than 15′ high and no more than 900 square feet,so are there lower trusses we can use to get towards a 10′ ceiling height? G.K.

A: If you raise the wall height to 10′ then you have left about 3′-10″ for roof rise. That means that 3′-10″ vertical/15′ horizontal which is a slope of about 3/12. So that should work. Both of those revisions can be simply noted on the cross-section view on the garage plans…Jay

Q: I found you on a google search. I am looking for Garage plans that are acceptable in Lake County Florida. Size is 16 ft wide 50 feet deep. 10 foot walls. Similar to your design 544-2. Space is limited by existing structure and property line. Current cement slab driveway will be the base and foundation. Largest door width possible on front, single roll up on rear. No windows and 36″ man door on right side from front view. Thank You For Contacting us at: Florida Home Estate Sales, LLC, D.W.

A:Hello, I’m sorry, I don’t have one of the dimensions you need. Also, you may need hurricane engineering. Although being in the middle of FL the prescriptive 100 mph may suffice.You will probably need to have custom garage plans made for that size. Jay

Q: hello jay on the 1250-2 garage plans do I need both monolithic slab/ footing and stemwall/ footing ? just trying to price this out and not sure ??

A: It is either one or the other. If using stemwall foundation they would place it to locallly required depth which may take more concrete than I have allowed, assuming a depth of 18″ below grade. You can call a local concrete contractor for a rough estimate of concrete work for the garage.

Q: Hello I would like to see the material list for garage plan 1307, also will 84 lumber bundle this design. I will be building in Newberry County, SC will all the stamps be included in plan price. Regards, M.T.

A: Excel file attached. I am only a garage plans vendor to 84 Lumber and don’t know much about their packages. But your local 84 would put a package together for any garage plan. They may also have access to having plans certified by engineer in SC. Truss packages always include engineering for the roof structure, automatically. My plans use prescriptive IRC compliance – so not engineered. If you are in a wind condition greater than 100 mph they would not be usable as drawn. Additional engineering to check shear walls’ capacities and uplift resistance and plan mark-ups would be needed to certify.

Q: Am looking for 1476-1 rather than 1476-3 – plan to stick build and max out loft space. Cannot find it online. J.K.

A: I’m sorry the 1476-1 was discontinued a couple of years ago +/-. It is because it’s construction was not entirely prescriptive in code compliance. It occasionally required engineering certification by some local building departments. The building code changed a bit in recent years making this type of structure less popular unless fully engineered. I don’t want to sell plans which require additional engineering unless being built in a place with parameters exceeding the standard, as in areas with earthquake risks. The 1476-3 does use trusses and that does yield less storage space, although 14.5′ x 8′ x 30′ is a fairly large space,the trusses/floor are fully engineered in the truss manufacture and the overall building cost is less. There is less material and much less labor to build the 1476-3….J.B.

Q: Dear Jay, In the case of your non-symetric designs, like 2104-rv1 52′ x 48′, are you able to print them as mirror image? In my example, I would want the RV section to be on the left. best regards, H.P. Seattle

A: I’m sorry, I don’t have that plan drawn reversed. However, I do print mirror image plans as extras for reference in building at no extra cost. Also, if buying the PDF, you can have mirror image prints made.Also, if building in Seattle area or region, the building dept. may require engineering certification by WA state licensed engineer because of the excessive seismic and/or wind conditions possible. The engineer would likely prefer to edit the PDF format. Thank you….JB

Q: Im interested in plan 988-1 and would like to know if you can use the same plans for wood siding or brick…..the picture of the plans shows a siding and i want to use brick.

A:I don’t show brick as option for this plan. However, I can include brick foundation and veneer details if you order the plans, at no extra charge. Because all of my plans are fully sheathed it it easy to substitute the brick per those details. The only real change is in the foundation detail – increasing foundation wall thickness to create ledge to support brick above. It is usually allowable to make note of the intent to use brick instead of the specified siding. But I do recommend asking the local building authority to be sure it is okay to just build it with that revision…JB

Q: I am interested in these plans, but want to raise the height of the garage door clearance to 10′ and increase the height of the garage interior clearance to 12′. Do these plans allow for these modifications? JP

A: Because the walls are 2 x 6 @ 16″ framed 12 ft. would be fine, structurally. However, the IRC code prescriptive limit for bearing walls is 10′. It would be best to ask local building inspector or permit agent if they would allow.For either you could simply note on the plans. Thank you….JB