The Colonial Era, 18th Century housing was built with local raw materials, skilled craftsman and products made in and imported from Europe. Several of our garage plans were inspired by those beautiful structures. Building and finishing materials of greatest quality and refinement were imported from European sources, as well as primitive, small panes of glass. The small glass units were placed between the muntons which organized into a rectangular or square window composition. Openable window sashes were necessary for natural lighting and the health benefit of ventilated fresh air. Indeed, before they could bring the glass from Europe window panes were made from the oiled bear skin for a translucent panel for window lighting. The structures of these early homes were constructed mostly with beams, posts, and various infill packing. Buildings were also constructed with masonry, stacked timber, and stonework. The scale, building form, and dimensions were truly derived from available skill and early technology. Wealthier homeowners imported ornamentations being crafted in Europe and this became a popular refinement of the 18th-century homes.

If you can find a garage plan which is designed to express the Colonial Style it can be fully compatible with your home of that style. The smaller out buildings or accessory buildings were then called Dependencies housing cooking and utility activities, slave quarters and various trades of the time. Choosing this style in your garage plans helps to create a similar reproduction of those early American structures