When adding a garage or any other addition to your home, selecting the right roofing is a no-brainer. It’s more than likely that with an attached garage you will choose roof material that matches your current roof. But what about a detached garage? How do you know what type of material to use for your garage roof? Choosing a roofing material for your garage should not be taken lightly. The material helps protect your garage from the elements. You want material that matches the aesthetics of your garage, protects your garage and will work well with the climate. To help you along in the process here are a few of the more popular garage roofing materials used.

Metal Roof

Many people select a metal roof due to them being energy efficient and low maintenance. The other advantage to a metal roof is it is fire retardant. If you store things like oil or other flammable items in your garage, then a metal roof may be the right choice for you. The biggest downside to this roofing material is the cost. Metal roofs are expensive to buy and install.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular material when it comes to residential roofs. This roofing material comes in a wide variety of colors and does not add extra weight to your garage due to how lightweight the shingles are. It also does well in rainy climates. Asphalt shingles do not easily absorb water, so rainwater will easily run off your roof. The drawback to asphalt shingles is the increase in temperature with darker- colored shingles. Darker shingles increase the temperature within the garage itself. The more heat the shingles endure, the more they wear down. Choosing lighter shingles will help keep things cool within your garage and decrease the amount of maintenance.


Slate roofing comes in a variety of different colors, just like asphalt shingles. The two benefits to this garage roof are the low maintenance and long lifespan. A slate roof is not prone to rot or insect damage. It also protects your garage against fires. As with any other roofing material, there are some negatives to slate. For instance, a slate roof is quite a bit more expensive than asphalt or other roofing material. It also adds additional weight that your garage may not be able to handle. Before adding a slate roof, you need to make sure the garage can handle the extra weight.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are a newer roofing material that come with a lot of benefits. Concrete tiles can be made to look like other roofing materials. Not only do they look good, but they last a long time, are weather- resistant, and require very little maintenance. The downside to this roofing material is the cost. Concrete tiles are more expensive than other roofing materials. The big question you need to ask yourself when it comes to concrete tile is whether the benefits are worth the cost.

Start Now

Selecting the roofing material is a part of the garage building process. However, before you select your garage roof material, you will need a garage plan. A garage plan will help you know what your roof looks like and help you better choose the right roofing material. If you are ready to select the right garage plan for your new garage, then contact Behm Design today!