Whether you are building a brand new home or updating an older home, you need to consider your options for garage siding. Brick and vinyl are two of the most popular siding materials. Both of them have their benefits, and both have drawbacks. Your garage siding can make or break your home’s curb appeal. Therefore, homeowners should compare options before making a purchase. As we compare the two, decide which properties of the materials matter most to you.

Environmental Impact

If protecting the environment is a concern of yours, vinyl siding may be the better option. Vinyl siding is smaller than brick and makes up less than 2% of waste on construction sites. Brick, on the other hand, comprises at least 12% of the waste produced. Manufacturing brick also generates 90% more greenhouse gases than vinyl manufacturing. If environmental impact is your only concern, vinyl is the clear winner. However, many homeowners take other factors into consideration as well.


Vinyl has been improving over the years and has become very strong. When compared to brick, however, it can’t hold up. Due to the inherent strength of brick, it takes extreme conditions to do any damage. Although vinyl can hold up in most conditions, it isn’t as strong as brick.

Brick also lasts longer. Vinyl has an average lifespan of 20-25 years, whereas well-maintained brick lasts 4 times that. As a result, homes that will be passed from one generation to the next should use brick for their siding. If you are planning to move again, this may not be a concern at all. Vinyl will work perfectly in the meantime.


When it boils down to it, homeowners want to know the cost. When it comes to price, vinyl and brick couldn’t be more different. Brick is considered a luxury building material, and the price reflects that. It takes more work to manufacture, transport, and install brick than vinyl. As such, vinyl is the much better option when price is your main concern. Vinyl costs around $2 per square foot. Brick, on the other hand, can cost a whopping $4-$10 per square foot.


Just like in price, brick and vinyl could not be more different when it comes to appearance. Although this does come down to personal preference, typically people find brick to be more aesthetically pleasing than vinyl. This depends on the style of the home, of course, but for that classic look, brick is the way to go. A charming bungalow with brick pillars and siding will stand out more than one with vinyl siding. However, keep in mind that styles are limited with brick. Contemporary homeowners who are looking for something different and fresh will find more options for vinyl siding.

Homeowners have many options to choose from pertaining to garage siding. Brick and vinyl are popular garage siding materials for their own reasons. Think about what you want to get out of your garage siding, based on your tastes and needs. Use the information above to make an informed decision, and when you are ready for help, consult with Behm Design. We provide plans for beautiful garages made of all types of materials. Schedule your consultation today.